I love any reason to dress up in costume--if I were 30 years younger, I'd say I love to cosplay, but as I'm over 50, I need to use verbiage that reflects my age and not use language that the kids these days use, at peril of being made fun of. (Of course, I'd still get laughed at for using old-people-speak) When I was a kid we dressed up. Halloween conversation usually started with "What are you going to dress up as?"

This year, my animation freak daughter designed a witch character named Brioche, and she told me she based it sort of on me. My vanity being piqued, I love Brioche! And my non-animation freak daughter suggested I dress up as said witch for a Halloween party. I had been having trouble deciding on a costume prior to Katie's suggestion, but once she said it, I was all "DUH. YES."

For your reference, here is a picture of Brioche:
Here's me as Brioche, who is somewhat based on me (so really, I'm dressing up as myself)
And here are so…

state park photo dump

Last weekend, Jim and I went on one last trip of the year to cross off some state parks from our list of state parks to be visited. (Halfway done with our state park passport, y'all!)

We visited Split Rock Lighthouse, Temperance River, Cascade River, Judge CR Magney, and Grand Portage. 5 parks, two days. 25 or 26 parks this year alone. 36 total, 35 to go.

There are so many pictures to choose from and I don't have the time to caption them all. Just enjoy. Peak fall color season up north, and we were treated to such color!

If you could go anywhere in this great big world now, where'd you like to go ta?

To the Weird Al concert at the MN state fair to hear Al sing about the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota!

Prologue: One of the first cassette tapes I bought, or even the first album I ever bought, was Weird Al's "Dare to Be Stupid." I can't even remember why I bought it; I don't know if I'd heard any of his songs on the radio or read about him in the newspaper. I kinda think that I probably heard one of his songs on the morning show on WLOL back in the early 80s because it was the heyday of the wacky morning radio programs and Weird Al certainly fit the wacky music label. Regardless, I bought the cassette, and listened to it and I was hooked. I think Yoda was what really tickled me and I can still sing it, even while listening to the actual song, Lola. I can pretty much sing the whole "Dare to Be Stupid" album.

So yes, when Weird Al comes to town, I attend the concert. Last year for the Vanity concert, I went twice, once in Minneapolis, and once in…