Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gone to Korea

Joke told 'round the table recently:

Parent: What did you learn about in school today?

Child: Gone to Korea.

Parent: ??? What class was this in?

Child: Health class.

Think about it...

Anyway, we have a real live Gone to Korea child in our family, although right now, she's Gone to Canada and won't Gone to Korea for a few more hours.

Hayley started talking about studying abroad a year ago, pretty much since she got dropped off at BYU and started taking Korean. She's done all the work to make it happen. Applying to the program, applying for grants/scholarships, getting passport, getting visa, filling out all the paperworks that aren't applications, calling the bank, getting shots, amassing $$ to fund herself (working 2 jobs over the summer), buying plane tickets, getting a shuttle from airport to housing, and who knows what else (since she did it herself). Pretty much the only thing Jim helped her with (I'm no help) was assisting with printing her boarding passes.

And the time has come, the time is now, Hayley A Evans, will you please go now? (reference anyone? I'm pretty sure Jenni would recognize it)

She left yesterday, got to Vancouver, slept in the airport on her suitcase, and is now waiting to board the flight to Seoul.

I have butterflies, but I'm also excited for her. What fun! I hope she has much success and good times! Go Hayley!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

How can a week go by so fast?

OJ was here this past week. He and a roommate drove out from Idaho and they spent the week here knocking about Minnesota, seeing sites, enjoying being on vacation from school and work. But between everyone else's work schedules, it was tough to get everyone together in one place (including Katie). Hayley and Paul quit their jobs (because they both go back to school in a couple of days) but we never did get EVERYONE together in one place. The closest we got was all five of the children and two grandchildren and me at my mother's house. Jim and Christian were not there. Alas. I did manage to get some pictures though, which will have to suffice.

my mother, my children, my grandchilden, and the bonus kid

a four generation picture with my mom. FINALLY.

Cutest boy in the room. Sorry OJ, P, M, and bonus kid.

Cutest girl in the room. Sorry Mom, K, H and me.

Gigi and great granddaughter. She loves the babies!
 We'll try again for full family participation, although who knows when that will be. Christmastime, maybe? Hayley leaves for South Korea on Monday, Paul leaves for Utah on Wednesday, and OJ left for Idaho a couple hours ago.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Know your poisons

Had I seen this plant underneath my techny arborvitae by the corner of my garage earlier this spring, I would have tried yanking it out with my bare hands. 
That would have been a bad thing. The only reason I didn't is because I saw a new sign at our local park warning park users of poison ivy plants (the sign is planted right in the middle of many square feet of poison ivy plants right there 8 " from a heavily used path). Since I never really knew what poison ivy looked like (I'm not a boy so I was never in boy scouts to learn this kind of useful information. If I were a leader of young ladies, I would plan boy scout type activities. I like the merit badge system of learning and the real world topics), I stopped to take a look and find out. Huh, I said to myself, that is what poison ivy looks like. Unremarkable and kind of bland. I kinda wanted to touch it but so far I have managed to leave it alone.

And not many weeks later, I spotted poison ivy plants in my yard. I was saved the itchiness and blisters, thanks to the sign in the park.

And it's not just one little plant under the arborvitae; there are more under the lilacs and I'm quite peeved. Who put them there? Poison ivy does NOT belong in suburban yards!

I'll have to plan my attack for later in the year when I can wear long sleeves and gloves without being too hot. I will get rid of this nuisance, just like I have been slowly eradicating the creeping charlie from the spot it has claimed in my grass (an all summer long project, and one that will probably be a life-long battle, as long as we live in the house).

Friday, July 22, 2016

Paul turns 22

He knew what his birthday present was because of the cake. He asked for Chuck DVDs and I couldn't help myself decorating the cake with reference to the show, which we all LOVED.

Love fondant for decorating (for eating, not so much). The H22BD stands for Happy 22nd birthday, in case you were to lazy to think about it. The freehanded letters and circles look better from a distance, but even close up, they taste good.

What Chuck does when he sees something that has a file in the Intersect.

The code word for "clear out, a disaster is imminent" at the Buy More

The organizations responsible for the Intersect

The Intersect
It was a tasty cake. But then cake is always tasty, unless it's carrot cake, which is a MUFFIN, and we don't eat MUFFINS on special occasions, do we? We eat CAKE.

Anyway, Paul is 22, which is a long way from how old he was when I started this blog. A picture of Paul at the beginning of the blog can be found here back in 2008, which was 8 years ago, so Paul was 14.

Monday, July 11, 2016

New little granddaughter

I couldn't help posting these recent pictures! On Saturday, Emma was born and her La La and Granddaddy and I were there to witness it!  PopPop had the important job of watching Emma's older brother (and we thank him very much!). 

Grandma and Emma

Granddaddy and Emma

A few minutes old and curious about this new place

Sunday, July 3, 2016

I should really just relax

Rifftrax  MST3k

These are important to me. I quote MST3k almost as much as I make up my own sentences. Someday I hope to cosplay Pearl, and to see every ep of MST3k. I've seen most of them (and I own many of the official DVDs).

Last Tuesday Rifftrax put on an MST3K reunion and WE HAD TO GO. Jim got to see Sir Paul, so I had to see Joel, Mike, Kevin, Trace, Bill, Mary Jo, Frank, Bridget, and the newbie Jonah.
Tickets and t-shirt

happy children with their Castleton t-shirts. Several people made Castleton remarks as we passed by, which made the evening even more fun for these two Msties.
"OK, don't smile!"

Me with a very-supportive-of-my-fandom husband.  You can't really see it, but he wore a Beatles shirt to the event. I teased that I should have worn an MST3k shirt to the McCartney concert. In his defense, he was wearing a Rifftrax shirt until he got sauce on it at dinner. So he had to change. 
The actual event was so much fun. Small groups riffed shorts of the educational kind and every group was great. There was not a dud in the bunch. At the end, all nine came out and riffed two shorts all together. I was in fan heaven.

My favorite riff that I can remember off the top of my head as from the Dates for Kay short. Kay is on a mission to find as many dates for her Fridee and Saturdee nights.  One of her prospects comments that he likes dogs, Kay, ever the conversationalist, replies "Do you have a dog?" The poor sap she's talking to says, "No we can't keep a dog." And whoever was riffing the short said, "We live above a Korean restaurant." Hayley thought it was particularly funny and we nearly choked ourselves with laughter.

My year is made.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Last weekend, which I'm glad is over, but I miss the ice

The view from room 820, really very nice.

the mesh glove over the second IV port

pt is dehydrated a little so a saline drip IV

The other antibiotic, the one the nurse thought the patient was allergic to. Pt wasn't allergic, just in pain and had one of his syncope episodes as a result.

ER bed and my knee

fabulous hospital soft, chewable ice pellets
For all that machinery in the bed, it is still not very comfortable.