Friday, June 10, 2016

Last weekend, which I'm glad is over, but I miss the ice

The view from room 820, really very nice.

the mesh glove over the second IV port

pt is dehydrated a little so a saline drip IV

The other antibiotic, the one the nurse thought the patient was allergic to. Pt wasn't allergic, just in pain and had one of his syncope episodes as a result.

ER bed and my knee

fabulous hospital soft, chewable ice pellets
For all that machinery in the bed, it is still not very comfortable.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Petroglyphs and water towers

I crossed something off my bucket list today: Jeffers Petroglyphs. It was a three-hours-one-way drive that was mostly pleasant, especially when I was sleeping. No, I really do love rural MN and this time of year it is particularly GREEN. Almost aggressively green. Almost the kind of green that isn't seen in nature...except that...uh....

And it rained a lot. We hid out in a Hardee's (we have no Hardee's in urban MN, but they are all over rural MN, same with Casey's convenience stores) for lunch wait out the rainstorm. Jim had it all worked out from his favorite app (Accuweather? I'm not sure, but it's a weather app) that the rain would be gone by the time we reached the historical site and he was right. When we started the drive back, the rain resumed. Lucky us!

Anyway the petroglyphs were hard to pick out at times. The park did offer interpretive signs so you could tell what you were looking at, though, and then I kind of learned what to look for. I was expecting a few little pictures here and there, but on the little outcropping of quartz, there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 4,000-5,000 individual carvings. There are several theories of why the ancient people carved what they did, and Jim's and my theory is that the ancient people's kids were bored, found some rocks, and did the ancient version of drawing on scrap paper, carving squiggles and stick people into the quartz near their settlement when the adults weren't looking.

We also saw an outcropping of rock that had parts of it rubbed smooth by buffalo scratching themselves on it. I touched it and yes, it was really smooth. Glassy almost.

Our feet got wet from the walk, but it was worth the drive. Also saw a bird on the path, presumably stunned due to a smack against the glass of the park building. It was too stunned to fly away when I bent down to touch a feather. I didn't bother it beyond that. I hope it's ok.

On our way home, I got some pictures for my watertower picture collection. Then we stopped at the giant yellow candy store in Belle Plaine for a couple pieces of candy and a pie. They opened for the season today, and it was packed.

Pictures? OK!
Arlington's watertower is disguised as a baseball. Jim liked this one.

Classic style for Winthrop

Nice use of the stem, Franklin, although Catfish Capital? Really?

E's stunned.

prairie flower

outcropping with interpretive signs and ropes to show us where not to step

hard to see, but the petroglyphs are there. There's a bulbous image near the bottom of the picture.

an upside down horse or buffalo

a three-pronged thing

several images near to each other

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bucket list

These are not New Year's resolutions. It's not the beginning of a new year, nor are any of these, except maybe one, designed to make me into a better person. They are all strictly list items that will give me great satisfaction to cross off and say, DID IT!

1. I have lived in MN for most of my life, and have not yet been to the giant ball of twine in Darwin, MN. I WILL see it this summer. I have scheduled a Saturday in June for this day trip.

2. Jeffers Petroglyphs is another place I have seen signs for and haven't yet gone to see. It also is on my calendar, a week from this Saturday. I have determined that I like to get out of the house and see things and the only way I can do that is if I schedule it and then tell Jim to put it on his calendar.

3. Complete three pages of a quiet book for Jackson. Nuff said. I think I three activities already, and three more will be well on the way to something for Jackson to do during church.

4. Weird Al concert is scheduled in August. Of course I'm going. Mandatory Fun is Al's best album in my opinion and I must go sing along with the songs. I believe three children and husband will be there too, but mostly me.

5. Rifftrax/MST3k reunion, another CANNOT MISS OR I MIGHT DIE event. Plus, I backed the kickstarters and heck yes, I want to see where my money went.

6. Get a granddaughter, obviously not something I have anything to do with, other than providing this baby with a mother. But I look forward to cuddling a newborn and sewing ruffles and bows and pink things. I have to get going on pink things, so far, the things I've sewn have been black, gray, animal print, brown, etc. But they are still cute things.

7. I really want to dig up the hostas in front of the house and freshen up that area. Not that I don't want hostas, but it's getting awfully weedy and I want to dig the place up and put more plants there than just the hostas.  I'm not sure if this is going to get done, but I would like to do it.

8. I need to finish the 2015 photo album. Getting there.

9. I need to put together Paul's 2nd year mission photo/email album.

10. Keep up with the BofM365 daily Book of Mormon reading. There was a big part of March that I did not keep up, but I have since made up the reading and am now all caught up and reading along the daily verses. It's a year-long endeavor so by the end of the year, I'll have read the Book of Mormon again.

Ten things.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

We have 3 kids at home again--a bad poem

One of them bought a car with all his own money.
One of them likes pink now.
One of them still makes random strange noises at odd times.
One of them works on the roads of Minnesota.
One of them has blue hair again.
One of them will have braces removed at the end of May.
One of them goes to bed early.
One of them has been planning Korean food cooking and cake making.
One of them does not want to go to Prom.
One of them is now a gospel doctrine teacher in the singles ward.
One of them wants to sit with me in Relief Society.
One of them has about a month of seminary left this year.

The other two children are doing fine also. One got straight As (as did at least one of the two collegians who just came home--good kids!) and the other one is having a baby shower in a couple of weeks. I get to do the food. Lavender cupcakes again!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

It's a tie

Today, my oldest child asked me who was the naughtiest of my children. Like I was going to tell her. But I'll tell the faceless random stranger who happens by my blog....ALL OF THEM.

In other news, we regain two children this coming week. Jim and I are driving out to Utah to retrieve two collegers, Paul and Hayley. So the house will be moderately full again, especially if Katie comes over. We'll miss OJ though. I wonder if he'll move back here after he finishes college, which isn't that far off. He'll have to share a room with Matt.

Also, I feel a great weight lifted from my brain. In late February, I was asked to "facilitate" a class on modeling righteous marriages. I agreed to do it, and from that time forth, my life kinda got hectic. 3 people in my circle of acquaintanceship died, one of them being my husband's father (a great big bear of a man with the softest heart), necessitating a trip to CA for the memorial service. Which led to Jim going through his cycle of vaso-vagal syncope for a full day. Note to self: Dramamine. Then I was at my mom's for lunch with sister and sister-in-law and her kids, and Katie and Jackson, and niece, and the 9 yo nephew had a seizure. Panic ensued and it was very scary.

So I was close to telling the stake RS pres that I could not do the class. But I went ahead. Stress stress stress. But the conference was yesterday and now it is over and I do not have that persistent buzz of stress in my brain. Thank the heavens. It went fine, but I nearly toppled over from exhaustion after the class was over.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Second to last Valentine treasure hunt

No puzzles to solve this year, just post-it note tags to find. 83 of them. Each tag has a number and refers to a letter.

I've set everything up and told Matt that his hunt is ready, but so far, I have yet to see any activity from him re: looking around. He doesn't even know he's supposed to be looking for post-it notes. We shall see how this proceeds forth.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Emptying nest

One left at home. And even he isn't around much. Jim and I have a lot of together time in the evening. I wish I could go back to my young mother self and tell her she'll get there. It was a long slog, but the time WILL come when the constant mothering will be done. Occasional mothering is much easier, and because I had that time of absolute tiredness and wondering when it will end, I really appreciate the gift of my brain being given back to me.

The time, energy, stamina, concern I gave to my children was well worth it. Three are in college and enjoying their time there. One has a family and they live close so I can visit the grandbaby with the cutest sweetest eyes ever when I want.

And now I have time for knitting, sewing, and cross-stitch. I'm doing a Stitch-Along with a facebook group: an ornament of our choosing every month. I finished two in January and still have time to work on my big Headless Horseman project. I took a month to knit up a 14 or 15 foot long Fourth Doctor scarf for Matt. I am now knitting lime green mittens (first time knitting mittens and boy do I like youtube for teaching me several methods of casting on in the middle of my work). I've cut out several shirts (two for Grandbaby).

I don't mind middle age! I have to supplement my vision with cheaters and extra light, but both are easily procured.