Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January picture dump

It's quiet again after the college kiddies left. Big news, Hayley is engaged! She has grown up quite a bit capability-wise since she left for college, but it's still weird to have many years of memories of a little girl coalesce into an adult that is independent and different that what you might have thought she was going to be. Anyway, we like Austin a lot and they seem to be happy together. (We also knew it was coming)

Hayley is bleaching Katie's hair in prep for Katie eventually dying some of her hair purple. I like seeing my children do things together.

Sleeping Emma

Sleeping Jackson

Sleeping Granddaddy, sleeping Emma, and sleeping Jackson

The work-in-progress stage of my Tom Servo ornament. I have since finished cross-stitching it, but I guess I didn't take a picture.


Mittens I finished knitting

Grandchildren in the kitchen

Sleepy Emma

Magic is trying to tell me to give him more food.

He looks like he's pouting.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I never take very many pictures on Christmas

But I have to post something. All 5 kids are in Minnesota, the last college kid arrived from Korea on Friday. The house seems smaller, even smaller than it did when all of them were kids and lived here permanently. But that's ok. We still manage to eat, sleep, talk, watch movies, do laundry, laugh, and hang out so house size isn't that big of a deal. 

all 5 babies home. We are playing games on the TV. JackboxTV thing that Jimmy has. I like the drawing one the best. 

I put out a plate of cheese and crackers after church on Christmas day, and the kids make short work of it. 

Matt and his robotic arm. 

Hayley brought home a face mask for me to try. It effected great beauty on my face, but I didn't really get the hang of plastering it to my face with minimal wrinklage. I think my face is too short. Hayley fared much better. 
Christmas day was less relaxing than I like, mostly because it fell on a Sunday and I am the ward music director, and I had a lot of musical fingers in the pie during the one meeting we had. Katie had even more than I did so I'm sure she was way more stressed. Anyway, I played prelude, the opening hymn, sang a solo (with Katie playing the flute), directed the choir, and accompanied the RS choir. I would prefer to do less on Christmas day, but at least Christmas on a Sunday doesn't happen very often. And maybe next time I won't be ward music director. Also, the bishop mixed up the musical numbers so we went out of order from the program, but that was a small thing. I do like a lot of music for Christmas based sacrament meetings, so of course it was all beautiful. The congregation sang heavenly and loudly for all the hymns. Of course we all know and love Christmas hymns, but I just get a special tingle up my arms hearing all of us singing joyfully together. The other bothersome thing about Christmas on a Sunday was that it was right in the middle of the day (1 p.m.) and that made me anxious about getting a holiday dinner ready. In the end it all worked out. We had a good time with all the kids and grandkids and kid-in-law. Jackson LOVED Hayley's lava lamp.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Back from gone to Korea

Hayley's home! 

When we got to the airport, we asked which door she would be at, and she said 3. So as I got to baggage claim, I watched as door 1 went by, then 2, then 4.... No 3! I parked the car by door 5 and sent Paul and Jimmy in. She had mistaken baggage carousels for doors and was down by door 6 (which was by carousel #3). But all is well, we've had breakfast at IHOP (she missed breakfast foods while in Korea) and we are home now, and she is using a normal shower for the first time in 4 months.

There she is!

The boys were a big help with the luggage

Happy to be in the USA


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Seven squared

I didn't take many pictures on my birthday. Not of my cake, not of my husband making the cake, or of the two children of mine who were around. Instead, I took selfies with the cutest lil' munchkin I know: my granddaughter. That's what was important on my birthday.

I took a video of my grandson playing with my nativities, which was adorable, and I would post it, but this template and the saved videos on my phone don't get along.

Since this next year of my life is my 50th year, I decided to make a list of things to do to celebrate being on this earth that long.

My list:
1. Visit my sister who now lives in Memphis. We will go to Graceland. I'm not an Elvis fan, but if you go to Memphis to visit, you go to Graceland. You can't go to Memphis and NOT go to Graceland.

2. Go on a hike, possibly along the Mississippi River. I have a book that lists 60 hikes within 2 hours of the Twin Cities, which I will use to choose where I go.

3. Tour the James J Hill House. Maybe even during the holidays next year when it's done up in holiday decorations?

4. Go to a Saints game in their new stadium. (This was Jim's suggestion, can you tell? Given that I'm going to do a lot of these things with him, it makes sense to make one or two of them something he would enjoy)

5. Visit the Walker Art Museum.

6. Go to a show at First Avenue (this list is not necessary a list of things I have never done, like this one--I have seen exactly one show at First Avenue. They Might Be Giants. It's more a list of things that if I have done them before, I haven't done them enough, or when I did them, they were so enjoyable, I wanted to do them again)

7. Tour the Bachman Idea House

8. Go to Devil's Kettle Falls/Upper Falls in Judge Magney state park. The waterfall where half the water goes down a hole and no one knows where it leads.

9. Possibly on the same trip as #8, get my passport stamped in Canada.

10. Go to Como Park Conservatory. It's been too long. Possibly since elementary school.

11. Cross-stitch a little Christmas ornament every month (this one will be tough not because it's cross stitch, but because I'm having myself do it monthly. Tough to start new projects and get them done in one month)

12. create 2 pages of quiet book activities for Jackson and Emma.

13. Read scriptures at dinner no matter if any children are home.

14. Do one thing (create something, read something, visit something, cook something) from a different Pinterest board every month. I've even made a list. January will be adding to my car survival kit from a site I pinned to my Prepper Wannabe board.

That's my list. I love making lists. We'll see how many of these I can cross off. Trip to Memphis might be in the latter part of April, The Judge Magney state park thing will be a summer trip. Not on this list are things I know I will be doing, like graduating a senior, and then taking him out to college, and things that are not in my control, like perhaps a wedding, both of which will use up vast quantities of my energy and time.

Bring it on, 50th year!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Work party

I work for a dental office that has 4 employees, including my brother the dentist. The office is in South Dakota and I'm in Minnesota. I work at home, for which I am very grateful. 

This is the time of year for office holiday parties. Last year we didn't have one, because of one staff member. That staffer is gone now, and the new employee is more outgoing, and we all agreed that this year, a party was in order. I was even up for it despite a 3 1/2 hour one-way drive.

It was a cold and snowy weekend, but Jim and I still packed up the van for the trip slightly west on Friday afternoon. We stayed with Mike and Jen, who showed off their almost-built new house, and their new-to-them used hunting dog, who sat on me a couple of times. He has no concept of personal space. But otherwise, he was a nice dog with silky, short hair. 
I brought adequate gear for a Saturday morning walk. No one would go with me. It was only -2 out. I layered up good. When I got back to Mike's, he had breakfast ready. 

The view. Quite bleak and lovely. It was so quiet too.

Party time! First stop, bowling!

I sewed my skirt just for this outing, so my leggings could be part of a coordinating outfit. Too bad you can't really see how nice they coordinate. But you can see me hold Pink Ball. I scored a 110 one game, which is my best score ever. 
We had a bake exchange before bowling, and then after bowling, we ate at Dempsey's in Watertown. I enjoyed the party very much and I think everyone else did too. It was fun to actually do something in addition to eating together.

The drive home was snowy and slow, but we made it.

Friday, December 2, 2016

So, November

I'm going to do a picture dump, like Kate does on her blog. I don't have ridiculously cute babies though, but I did manage to get a few pictures of her ridiculously cute babies on my camera so there will be cuteness. And Matt isn't so bad either. 
My only picture from our anniversary date. Red Lobster and then a movie after. Jim did go along, but I didn't take a picture of him. 28 years of marriage! Whew!  

Matt at the Minne Mini robotics meet. We were there only a short while (Matt was there all day) but we did get to see Matt and the KING TeC robot

the robot shooting boulders into a fortress

robot grabs a boulder

We babysat Jackson and Emma Thanksgiving morning so Katie and Christian could run/walk a 5k. We had fun activities planned for Jackson and water beads, which he called bouncy balls, was one of them. 

Then there was the pompoms and tubes activities, which occupied Jackson for nearly 20 minutes

We had to go walkies and Jackson brought along a "book" (Lego instruction manual) which Jackson read to himself, and said "The End" at the appropriate time. He also said, "Hey Bud"

Jackson having a moment on the floor at the club where we had Thanksgiving dinner

My sibs, me, and our mother.

Magic wants the shiny pretty things

Sister Jen and I went to the Downton Abbey costume exhibit at MOA. What fun! It was cool to see the actual costumes worn by some of the cast. The stitching and beading and 20s fashion was glorious and a wonder to behold. I even enjoyed seeing the wear and tear of use on the outfits. I would have been afraid to do anything wearing those outfits.  

Ruffle butt leggings! 

At Jim's hip surgery checkup, the assistant took one look at my outfit and asked "Lularoe Carly?" Yep. I'm a fan. I've had several people see me out and about wearing something Lularoe and they will ask. It's a cult I tell you,. But a very comfortable and cute cult.

Jim's new titanium hip

A Christmas bauble

favorite new Christmas assortment of decor

Monday, November 14, 2016

My three play costumes

Because I want to remember the fabulosity of my play costumes reflective of the early 1980s. They got progressively more outlandish.
I'm keeping the pants. They're comfortable and warm. The pants, shirt, and shoes were from the thrift store. Jewelry is from my personal collection. 

The Miami Beach t-shirt was all because in the previous scene, I had mentioned I was going to Miami Beach. So presumably, by the second act, I had returned and got myself a neat t-shirt. I'm keeping the t-shirt, which I purchased online. I made the pants, which I am keeping. Shoes and belt were from the thrift store, both of which I donated to Prior Lake Players. Headband from a craft store and donated to PLP. Jewelry again is my own.

People laughed when I came out on stage in this outfit. It was supposed to be NOT SEXY, because I complained that "Harry says I dress too sexy" and Olive replies that Harry is an unusual man. I made those metallic blue leggings. They are SWEET and I'm keeping them to wear forever. The skirt was too short in the back, but that's  my own fault since I sewed it as well. The cropped shirt was originally a long-sleeved, too-big shirt from the thrift store, which I then cut up. Both the skirt and the shirt went into the trash. The shoes were thrift store as well, but I LOVE THEM and will not part with them. Hair band, made by me. Jewelry again, my own. I got lots of compliments on my outfit from people who came to see the show.