Still in Utah, but with family

I can't put into words how tickled I was to see Emma and Jackson while we were in Utah because when they walked in the door to Art and Karen's house, both kids lit up and Jackson exclaimed "Granddaddy and Grandma!" Both kids were very happy to see us. 

Dropping the child off at college

Matt didn't want us fussing over him and taking a lot of pictures while we were on campus or at his apartment, but I did manage to get a few here and there. 
We had fun visiting the BYU campus and we got to hang out with Hayley and Paul, although Paul was not photographed. It was fun to see the kids together, laughing and joking. 

I can't believe Matt is a college student. When I started this blog, he was like 8? And now he's on his own, doing his own laundry, waking himself up, fixing food for himself, not being nagged about doing homework (not that I ever had to nag him very much).

I wish I had gotten a picture of Jerilyn and Beth on my phone when we went to lunch with them. We had limited time, but I did want to see them. It's weird that they, who are from two very different circles in my life, met each other independent of me. Jim was a good sport to put up with lunch with us old hens.

Must see America

Some pictoral highlights from the drive out to Utah when we took Matt to college.

We saved Mt Rushmore for the trip back so there are no pictures of it here. The van was not packed to the gills like with other children's college move, so it was a very comfortable drive.

empty nest in the batting circle

We are DAYS away from the event I have looked forward to since I got pregnant the first time: EMPTY NEST!

I have enjoyed many minutes of my time as a full-time mother, maybe even hours, but it is time to give up the children to the rest of their lives, to their own ambitions and purpose, to their own discernment and hearts.

Jim and I plan on doing fun things together. We have a trip up north planned. We are always looking for new places to explore, and now is the time since we don't have anymore band concerts, conferences, games, events, church youth activities, SEMINARY, etc to get in our way.

I am glad I have many memories and pictures of my children when they were my little children. Those little children only exist in my head and in pictures, since my kids choose not to remember what being a little kid was like (Matt disavows squibbers, Hayley shakes her head at finger gymnastics, Paul closes his eyes and ears to strange language, Jimmy cleans without fuss and refuses to reme…

Part 2 of Part 1

Pictures from the reception...So many pictures! I'll probably post a part 3