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Wedding day

I don't have much to add. I'm so happy they are married. We love Bethany, she is a fun, well-mannered young lady. I hope she and Paul have a long happy time together. Eventually I'll post pictures from the photographer but those pictures haven't been edited yet.

Friday in Utah

I have no pictures of the quilt store Jim, Hayley, Anne, and Art and I visited, but it was fabulous! I bought several oceany fabrics to use in an eventual quilt for our bed. I also bought napkin fabric for certain children. Then we went to lunch.

We had a large family gathering for dinner at a local Sizzler and Bethany's parents came along to meet people. Four of my children were in attendance, since Jimmy and Blair showed up after their long drive from Spokane toting Little Jimmy! He smells so good, like a baby should! And he seems to be in good spirits most of the time.

Went back to Utah so soon after leaving

Both times we traveled for Paul. First time was for graduation, this time, for Paul's wedding. Big milestones in a young man's life.

We flew with Katie, Christian and the kids and it was a SUPER early flight. It was barely light when we left. And it was raining. Jackson sat between Jim and me and Katie, Christian and Emma sat right behind us.  When we got to SLC, Katie and family went their way to visit Christian's family. Jim and I decided to cross off a bucket list item. I've been to Utah many times, but I've never set foot near the Great Salt Lake. It was minutes from the airport so we headed over.

 After the Salt Lake, we picked up Hayley for a hike around a reservoir in American Fork Canyon.

It was a good first day. That evening we went to Cubby's with Hayley and Austin, and Paul and Bethany. This was Thursday, and the wedding was on Saturday. We had one more day before wedding festivities. More later.

Y redux

I hiked to the Y again, nearly a year after I hiked it the first time. That time, I went to the bottom. This time, I made it to the top of the Y. Much pleased with myself. It was difficult, but NOT AS difficult as it was last time. This time, I could rest for shorter periods of time at the switchbacks and I wasn't wondering if I was going to make it. I knew I was going to. Art and Karen and Paul came along with Jim and me and we had a great time. Paul made it look super easy, and when we got to the top, he was eyeing the off-shoot trails that went even further up the mountain.

Going down was more difficult than going up, because my quads turned to jelly about halfway down, I felt a shooting pain, and then my knee started swelling up. For a while, I had to face backwards, which helped a lot. I was still going down, but the physics of the knee movement were different and did not irritate the current issue. In fact, there was very little pain going down backwards. I put my hand on Ji…

bit of a hike

We had some time on Friday to spend seeing whatever we wanted to see. At first we were going to go to Timp caves, but they were closed for the season. So we went to Bridal Veil Falls. Hayley and Paul, while maybe not KEEN, were at least amenable to the trip. They talked about Avengers: Endgame the whole walk over to the scenic viewing point and I had to plug my ears and say "lalalalalala" and encourage them to walk ahead of me because I didn't want any spoilers.