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Third grandchild, who is also a fifth

My wee little Jinky bean and his wife had their own little bean last Monday, March 11. James Warner Evans V.  Long story short: emergency c-section, brain injury from lack of oxygen, cooling therapy for 72 hours. A lot to deal with for a wee little baby. Actually he wasn't that wee at 7 lbs 14 oz. He has been in NICU since minutes after birth and he's the biggest one in there.

Little Jimmy (LJ) is a darling! Jim and I planned to go out to Spokane to visit so we had our plane tickets already, but we didn't count on spending most of the visit at the hospital, but we do what we gotta do to let that little bean get the best start possible.

NICU meant only 2 visitors at a time, and one had to be a parent, so Jim and I never got to see the baby together, and we only went in a few times each day. We were allowed to hold LJ, but had to wait for a nurse to pick him up and hand him to us while we were sitting in the chair. I have a tough time following rules like these because I'…

Most puzzling

We finished the 5000 piece puzzle! Jim and I worked most nights and weekends on it and it still took  nearly a month and a half. We didn't do it like we do smaller puzzles, you know, fill in a section and move on to the next section. That method didn't really work with this puzzle because there were so many similar colors all over the puzzle, especially flesh colored pieces. We tried doing line pieces all at once and were partially successful, but there were line pieces all over the puzzle as well. It really was difficult. And sorting through puzzle pieces was difficult because there were JUST SO MANY OF THEM. Near the end, Katie made it easier by suggesting that we sort the pieces into piles by shape and that made the end go much faster.

Katie has come over the last two nights to be a part of the finishing of the puzzle and we had a good time. Last night, we played fun music, I mentioned how Jake and I used to play Twisted Sister while we did puzzles, and I had Alexa play &qu…

Puzzle progress

Still a ways to go.

We lost power last night in the middle of an unreasonably cold snap. -26 degrees and we had no power. And the windchill was (and still is) in the -50 range.

We were getting ready for dinner, I was just starting some green beans, the ham and potato casserole was almost done, and the TV was on. And then it wasn't. And then we were in the black. But thank goodness for cell phones and their flashlight capabilities and the 4G network that still worked so we could complain about the power outage on facebook. I got out all my big candles, and Jim found a battery operated LED lamp so we at least had some light. The casserole was removed from the oven and we ate standing in the kitchen. We sat on the couch and read our tablets. We had enough battery power in them to use them for a few hours without recharging. I eventually had to grab a blanket because the temp in the house started to dip, but only 3 degrees by the time the power went on an hour and a half later. We ha…

My Christmas presents are a work in progress

I got an unassembled robot puppet for Christmas. I've wanted my own Tom Servo for years and I finally got one for Christmas. It's been the second gift on my wish list for years (#1 is sea monkeys, but I've about given up hope that I will ever get any)

I started the robot puppet assembly with Christian's help (mostly his tools) and his unwanted advice (LOL, Christian was actually right a couple, well, all of the times. AND HE WASN'T SMUG ABOUT IT AT ALL. Oh, wait, yes he was).

So far, I have carved off a plastic look on Tom's lower beack, drilled several holes in various components, and sanded the parts to be painted.

I'll post more pics as I continue working.

I also got a 5000 piece puzzle from my antagonistic son-in-law, the aforementioned Christian, who seeks my committment to a mental health facility. 

Again, I'll post progress pictures. Maybe. Unless it does me in.