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Passive aggressive instruction

1. When you have a big meeting in the evening, and you need photos, it's best not to wait until 3:30 p.m. to ask your mother where the pictures (from the project back in July that the meeting is about) are in the computer and how to print them. Especially when the mother has to pick up two other children from school right at 3:30 and she is still technically at work. And also especially since you slept in until 11:30 a.m. and have been piddling around since getting out of bed.

2. When your mother comes to pick you up from school and asks, "How was your jazz band performance this morning?", know that your knowledge and understanding of standard word usage, a.k.a. "proper grammar," and the situation you are in, a.k.a. in the van with your mother who is a "grammar nazi,"will dictate that you do not answer "we did good" unless you mean that you and the rest of the jazz band members went about doing charitable acts and performing service to thos…

Concert speaking

Things I should be doing instead of blogging:
Putting ornaments on the Christmas tree
Cleaning off the counter and table
Folding laundry
Encouraging the cat not to eat the other cat's vomit (although I don't want to clean it up myself either)(I can't watch or else I might vomit)
Polishing silver (really)(for Katie and Christian's MN open house. You're coming, aren't you?)
Going over my seminary lesson once more

But instead I'm posting pictures and a story from Matt's band concert on Monday night.

Before I start my story, see the band director behind Matt? When we first started going to middle school band concerts 10 years ago, we thought this director was one of the kids in the band and that the main director had let him direct a song. Seriously, we thought he was 15 years old. He looks a little older now, and we know for sure that he's older because he has kids (Hayley babysits them sometimes. It's really weird to have a teacher come t…