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Requiem for a Blue Van

Van of blue,
Now I am blue too.
Because I don't have you.
Well, I still do,
but you don't work.

We got you to go to Utah one summer,
and then in the winter,
We took you to Florida.
We've taken you to Washington DC also.
And to Nauvoo.
I think you've been to Canada once
back before we had to have a passport to cross the border.

I apologize for all the trash
Katie, Jimmy, Paul, Hayley, and Matt
(and sometimes I),
Have left in you.
I also apologize for that time I broke
Your passenger side mirror.
I apologized to Jim too
He wasn't mad.

At first you seemed too big to drive.
But then you were my extended arms and legs
That went really fast.
Well, not that fast.
You are, after all, only a van.
And not a racecar.

Now you refuse to take me anywhere
unless we administer electrical CPR first.
Your windshield wipers go off when they are not needed
And not asked for.
You also make funny clicking noises.
Sometimes you ding even when the key isn't in the ignition.
The mech…

Hipster fashion blog post 2

Hayley wore another cheap, pre-owned dress on Sunday. (Not that I do the buying a new Easter dress thing anymore anyway)

This dress looked 'meh' on the hanger, but Hayley liked the fabric. When she put the dress on, it looked so much better.

Now I have to find brown, or even pink shoes to go with it. No, she did not go to church barefoot; she wore her black slouchy boots. AND she didn't wear her coat this time so she could be seen in all her thrift store prettiness.

Teenagers and Easter eggs

When asked if they would like to dye eggs this year, the three remaining at-home children all expressed very little enthusiasm. But I bought egg dye anyway.

Good thing I did because at 10:30 p.m. Saturday night, all three kids wanted to dye eggs.

See, this just adds to the hoarder impulses I have. "You need to buy that just in case," my brain tells me, because heaven forbid we disappoint the 18-, 16- and 14 year olds by not having colorful hard boiled eggs on Easter Sunday. For $2, I couldn't argue very much, although I don't mind disappointing the teenagers once in a while.

Dyeing eggs with teenagers means that we aren't making them look pretty with cute little Easter bunnies or chicks. Hayley's theme this year was Pokemon creatures and a TARDIS. Paul chose his two eggs to be checkerboard, one of which involved several steps including tape, and Matt just did random scribbles, one that was nearly completely black (colored by crayon) and a Pokeball.  Jim did &…