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Do I need more skirts?

Yes. Always.

I've been on a sewing binge lately. I shared on Facebook this past week that I spent a whole day cutting out skirts, shirts, and a dress. I have started sewing up what I cut out.

So far, I have completed two of the skirts and one shirt.

 I love maxi skirts. SO comfortable and they cover up my legs. The pattern was one I got for a dollar and the fabric was close-out priced at Mill End (sniff. I am so sad that they are closing).

I LOVE this fabric, which I also got at Mill End for cheap. It's got a chevron pattern on it, and it is technically a knit so there is some stretch, but it's heavier than a regular knit. The only thing I don't like about the skirt is that I put an elastic waistband. I have half a mind to undo it and sew some darts in the back and put in a zipper and a waistband. 

I've sewed a teal shirt out of this pattern before and really liked it, so I decided to do another one. I have many skirts that will go with a lavender shirt. The mate…


Matt's turn for braces. He's the fourth and last kid of ours to get braces. (OJ never got them.)

So, the necessary before picture. Keep in mind, this is an uncooperative subject. He has to make a face.

 And the after picture. The braces were only fitted to the top teeth to begin with.

Because Valentines

I'm in danger of turning my own personal Valentine's day into Christmas-like intensity. It's been that way for a few years. I don't know why I like to have so much personal satisfaction sunk into Feb 14. And it's not about what's in it for me as much as what's in it for me when I watch the kids do their treasure hunt and what's in it for me when I sit down to a heart-shapes-and-shades-of-red-infested table at dinner time.

I guess I do it for love. And if that isn't a bad pun, I don't know what is.

I just love to do it. I love making up puzzles. Thankfully the kids are receptive to the idea of brain teasers and tests of random knowledge based on family favorite TV shows, movies, and silliness mixed in with general knowledge.

A small sampling of the puzzle clues from this year's treasure hunts for Matt and Hayley:

Where souffle girl crash landed
The poltergiest who fears only the Bloody Baron
The message John thought he got from the flashing …

The return of the elder

OMYGOSH you guys! Other Jim is HOME.

Matt says he should be given credit for spotting OJ first, and I will concede. However, I spotted him loudest, as you can hear in the video clip.

Jim got first hug, but I got longest (I'm so competitive) and I demanded a second one a few minutes later.

He is happy to be home, but of course he is unused to "regular" life. He says it will be weird doing normal things without having to make sure he and his companion are within range. He occasionally lapses into Spanish, and couldn't remember the word Sacrament--referring to it as Santo Sena. He'll start sentences with "Pues" or "Tambien."

We spent over an hour with the stake president. He asked Other Jim lots of questions about what he learned on his mission, about companions, investigators, etc, and at the end of the interview, he said, "Elder Evans, you may now remove your missionary name tags and I officially release you from your mission. You are now …


Has it been two years already?

Two years since Jim and I parted ways with EJ at the security gate and watched him talk to a random guy all the way through the security checkpoint. EJ seemed ready and excited to go. He didn't even look back and wave; he just WENT. I wonder if he's ready and excited to leave. His very brief email yesterday said it really hasn't totally sunk in, although it started to when he had his exit interview with the mission president on Sunday.

Right now (7:51 a.m. his time, 9:51 a.m. mine) he's probably still in Mexico. He and a couple other homebound missionaries most likely spent the night at the mission home, and got up this morning ready to hop in the mission van, CROSS THE BORDER back into the US for the first time in 2 years, and head for the San Diego airport. EJ's flight leaves at 12:30 p.m.-ish.

And I will post pictures as soon as I am able.


They're coming to America, TODAY! (I'm sure you can guess the song and perform…

1 more day and I can't think of anything else

What Super Bowl?

I spent Super Bowl working on book 2 of EJ's mission emails/pictures. I got through April 2013. His book from the first year is sitting on my coffee table, waiting for him.

Yesterday at church, many people stopped me to ask, "are you excited?" One lady said, "Two weeks til EJ comes home, yes?" and she was floored to hear "no, two days." It has gone by so very fast, yes it has. Nobody told me that it would. The only slow time is on Mondays from about 1 p.m. until I get an email from the missionary. Next Monday won't be so slow. I'll still be waiting for the Peruvian to email but he usually gets his correspondence in the internet mail system before 1 p.m. Usually. Also, only a year and a half until EP gets home. Can it be that he already has 6 months?


2 days and I didn't realize until now that it's Groundhog's Day

It's EJ's last Sunday meeting in a Mexican ward. He has been invited to speak in the Spanish ward here in Minneapolis but we don't know the date yet. Jim's friend is the bishop of that ward and I look forward to EJ speaking there and watching him converse in Spanish.

Groundhog's day: not a big holiday, although it does remind me of my college roommate Karen. She loved all holidays with equal fervor and would send Groundhog's day cards to her friends. She had to make them herself because it's not a card-intensive holiday (and believe me, she looked for Groundhog day cards).

Karen and I got along really well (inasmuch as I can get along with people--it's not one of my strengths). She and I lost contact just a few years after college and I've always wondered where she was and what she was doing.

When google got big, I tried googling her, but never had any success. I even tried googling her husband because it's usually easier to find people through…

3 days and I was too busy yesterday

So I missed blogging.

I was at work at the actual office (where I mistakenly spelled "an" as "and" and got called out for it--rightfully so) until 1, then I ate lunch, locked up the office, and drove four hours to get home. The elders came over for dinner and got to our house right as I got there. So we ate dinner (Jim cooked, because I was out of town--isn't it the wife who is supposed to be cooking dinner and the husband who gets home from a business trip? We must be just so liberated from stereotypes!) After dinner, I said, "I'm going to lie down for half an hour. Wake me up at 7:05 p.m." Aaaaaand it was 7:05 a.m. when I got up.

Here's to sleeping for 12 hours:  YAY

Now I'm up and relaxing on a Saturday morning.

I do have one picture to share from my trip out to SD. Thurs night I accompanied Jen to a vocal showcase of Mimi's 2nd grade and a 3rd grade class at their high school basketball game. Before the game, there was a fundraiser…