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Petroglyphs and water towers

I crossed something off my bucket list today: Jeffers Petroglyphs. It was a three-hours-one-way drive that was mostly pleasant, especially when I was sleeping. No, I really do love rural MN and this time of year it is particularly GREEN. Almost aggressively green. Almost the kind of green that isn't seen in nature...except that...uh....

And it rained a lot. We hid out in a Hardee's (we have no Hardee's in urban MN, but they are all over rural MN, same with Casey's convenience stores) for lunch wait out the rainstorm. Jim had it all worked out from his favorite app (Accuweather? I'm not sure, but it's a weather app) that the rain would be gone by the time we reached the historical site and he was right. When we started the drive back, the rain resumed. Lucky us!

Anyway the petroglyphs were hard to pick out at times. The park did offer interpretive signs so you could tell what you were looking at, though, and then I kind of learned what to look for. I was expecti…

Bucket list

These are not New Year's resolutions. It's not the beginning of a new year, nor are any of these, except maybe one, designed to make me into a better person. They are all strictly list items that will give me great satisfaction to cross off and say, DID IT!

1. I have lived in MN for most of my life, and have not yet been to the giant ball of twine in Darwin, MN. I WILL see it this summer. I have scheduled a Saturday in June for this day trip.

2. Jeffers Petroglyphs is another place I have seen signs for and haven't yet gone to see. It also is on my calendar, a week from this Saturday. I have determined that I like to get out of the house and see things and the only way I can do that is if I schedule it and then tell Jim to put it on his calendar.

3. Complete three pages of a quiet book for Jackson. Nuff said. I think I three activities already, and three more will be well on the way to something for Jackson to do during church.

4. Weird Al concert is scheduled in August. O…