Bucket list

These are not New Year's resolutions. It's not the beginning of a new year, nor are any of these, except maybe one, designed to make me into a better person. They are all strictly list items that will give me great satisfaction to cross off and say, DID IT!

1. I have lived in MN for most of my life, and have not yet been to the giant ball of twine in Darwin, MN. I WILL see it this summer. I have scheduled a Saturday in June for this day trip.

2. Jeffers Petroglyphs is another place I have seen signs for and haven't yet gone to see. It also is on my calendar, a week from this Saturday. I have determined that I like to get out of the house and see things and the only way I can do that is if I schedule it and then tell Jim to put it on his calendar.

3. Complete three pages of a quiet book for Jackson. Nuff said. I think I three activities already, and three more will be well on the way to something for Jackson to do during church.

4. Weird Al concert is scheduled in August. Of course I'm going. Mandatory Fun is Al's best album in my opinion and I must go sing along with the songs. I believe three children and husband will be there too, but mostly me.

5. Rifftrax/MST3k reunion, another CANNOT MISS OR I MIGHT DIE event. Plus, I backed the kickstarters and heck yes, I want to see where my money went.

6. Get a granddaughter, obviously not something I have anything to do with, other than providing this baby with a mother. But I look forward to cuddling a newborn and sewing ruffles and bows and pink things. I have to get going on pink things, so far, the things I've sewn have been black, gray, animal print, brown, etc. But they are still cute things.

7. I really want to dig up the hostas in front of the house and freshen up that area. Not that I don't want hostas, but it's getting awfully weedy and I want to dig the place up and put more plants there than just the hostas.  I'm not sure if this is going to get done, but I would like to do it.

8. I need to finish the 2015 photo album. Getting there.

9. I need to put together Paul's 2nd year mission photo/email album.

10. Keep up with the BofM365 daily Book of Mormon reading. There was a big part of March that I did not keep up, but I have since made up the reading and am now all caught up and reading along the daily verses. It's a year-long endeavor so by the end of the year, I'll have read the Book of Mormon again.

Ten things.


Karie said…
Rah rah rah! You can do it! /cheerleading

I really like your list. I'm thinking I might make one myself.
I might not do all of them, but if I don't have a list, then I forget.
TaterBean said…
Have you actually gotten over to the Ball of Twine? I was thinking about this this morning...and I'm interested in going still.