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7th Street Entry at First Avenue

One of the items on my 50th year list of fun things to do was go to a concert at First Ave. I've been once before, but that was in the main room. This time, Jim and I went to the smaller room (capacity 250 standing). It's about as big as the two levels of my house put side by side. When I had told Jim about my bucket list and wanting to go to a concert, he got on the First Ave website and found out that Sondre Lerche was coming to the 7th St Entry. I don't know many of Sondre's songs, but one of them that I do know, "Phantom Punch," is one of my favorite songs ever.

So we bought tickets.

The concert was last night and it was fantastic! I loved being in a small venue because we could see the band, even though we were towards the back. (We were actually the first ones to get in, and we snagged two of the few barstools for the show because I was worried how my back was going to hold up if I had to stand the whole time). The music was LOUD, but after a few times …

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