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A 2017 goal I didn't know I had

I turn 50 tomorrow and I've been focusing on making this 50th year of mine an enjoyable one. Jim and I have done a lot of fun things. Last April, I learned I was diabetic, which initially was a sad thing, but now has turned into one of the biggest gifts of my 50th year.

The goal I didn't know I had was to lose 50 lbs by the time I turned 50, and today, one day before I officially turn 50, I met that goal. I realized in early November that it was going to be possible and in spite of a wedding anniversary and Thanksgiving since then, I managed to realize this goal.

I still have more to lose to get to my eventual goal, but I'm half way there. At the beginning of 2017, and heck, for at least 15 years, I never thought it was possible to be the weight I am today.

It's not just the weight loss, but it's the knowledge that I can control some things in my life that I thought were not controllable. It's the feeling of more agile movement, less joint pain, fewer restraint…

Random photo dump because I want to do something other than work