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It took me long enough

I've finally finished a quilt top. My mom tried to get me to sew a quilt when I was a teenager. She bought fabric that I chose, she encouraged me to sit and cut pieces, she offered moral support and education on the art of quilt making. She quilted and wanted me to get the same enjoyment out of it that she got (She also tried to get me into playing the organ, but it didn't happen until later in life when I was forced into it at church. Not that I mind), and I really did try, but I didn't catch the quilting bug. She made my sister and I hand quilt some of her quilts and it was OK, but I just didn't find a passion for it. (My sister did and she has made dozens of quilts, including 3 for me)
I tried here and there over the years to piece a quilt top, but interest waned after a bit. I saved jeans to make a denim quilt, I saved corduroy for a corduroy nine patch, and even sewed a bunch of blocks. I tried a scrap quilt. I never got very far. 
This year, I finally decided I …

Some kids came to visit picture dump

Paul and Bethany came for a week, and Hayley came for a slightly different week, but they overlapped.