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Official return is official

It arrived! EJ's official itinerary for his return flight!

Feb 4 at 6:11 p.m. at Terminal 2 (formerly the Lindbergh terminal).

You are invited to join us at baggage claim to welcome EJ (soon to be Other Jim again) back to civilian life. I will hopefully provide a banner that we can all hold. Someone bring a camera. I'll be too busy hugging EJ.

Upcoming phone calls

I get to talk to my out-of-the-country boys this week! Elder Paul on Tuesday, and Elder Jimmy on Wednesday.

We are so excited! Katie and Christian (and possibly Morgan) will be on facetime with us for Paul's call.

If you have any questions for either Paul or Jimmy, post them in the comments and I will copy them down and pose them to my sons. I will probably forget the answers, but if I don't, I can relay them to you or post answers here.

In other Christmas news, I took the photo for this year's picture ornament of my children. The picture is of whoever is home at Christmas time, and we're down to two kids in the picture this year. It's been nearly 20 years since I had only two kids in the picture.

I didn't get happy cooperation from the participants this year, well at least from one. The other one was happy to oblige with picture-taking.
Time to print the picture out and stick it in the photo frame and put it on the tree.