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And now, Spokane

Jimmy, who hasn't been blogged about much for a while, is getting his Masters in Biz Admin at Gonzaga in Spokane. Who knew Gonzaga was in Spokane? Not me. I would have guessed it was a southern US school.

Graduation ceremonies were last weekend and Jim and I took the opportunity to see Jimmy don special weird robes (Jimmy fussed about the sleeves in the gown. Yes, they are weird and long and we don't know why they look the way they do. Just put it on and wear it without fiddling with it too much, please?) and have his name read out loud in the same space that Gonzaga basketball games are played.

Jim and I were there for two full days and Jimmy showed us around.

The following picture dump is only from Friday (and possibly from Thursday? We'll see what pictures I post). I'll post the actual graduation another time.

The rest of the Utah trip

I'm just going to do a picture dump. The trip was not just to climb Independence Rock and Y mountain, it was really to pick Matt up from college and bring him home. But bonus parts were seeing Austin and Morgan graduate, and seeing my three Utah babies, and seeing Jim's family.

We plan to go back out to BYU next spring for Paul's graduation! I'm going to hike to the top of the Y next time.

Y check off

Another bucket list item achieved.

I went to BYU for 3 years and not once did I hike up to the Y. My children have been going to the Y for several years and I have encouraged each one of them to hike up just so they can say they've done it. I've always wanted to do it, and finally did.

We went out to Provo to pick up Matt from his first year in college and when we dropped him off, I told Jim that when we picked him up, I was taking a morning to hike the Y. I finally felt in shape enough to do it. 

So Saturday morning while Matt was packing up his stuff, Jim and I hiked to the Y. It was harder than I thought going up! I'm not in shape as I thought I was, but I was in just enough shape to do it. I stopped at every switchback for several minutes, which is why it took us nearly an hour to get up (also we spent nearly 10 minutes on the wrong trail at the very beginning. Oops). The view was beautiful, the sun was shining on an unsmoggy Utah valley. The trail was heavily used tha…

Checked off

Jim doesn't have a bucket list that I know of, but I do, which is why we end up doing so many things that I want to do. Jim does like to do things, but most of them involve dishwashing liquid, baseball, music, or hot sauce (usually not all together). He seems to be fine with my constant cries of "WE HAVE TO DO THAT SOMEDAY!!!" and the detours in life that these goals create.

Detours that cost an hour or so in a cross country road trip to pick up a college freshman for summer break. I've walked around Independence Rock in Wyoming half a dozen times (every time we drive past it) and I've always wanted to climb up it. What kept me from doing it? My weight and inability to handle climbing several flights of stairs without getting inordinately out of breath.

But this time:

Jim and I made the climb! It looks scary at first, there's always that nagging fear that I'm going to slip and roll down the rock face and kill myself. I made sure I wore my extra grippy tenn…

Moving right along

MST3k goal update: I'm into season 3. Seasons 1 and 2 were only 13 shows long each, but season 3 is 24 episodes and I'm about a quarter of the way in. The final episode of season 2 is mostly unavailable (there is a 15 minute clip of it on youtube that I watched) so I had to skip it, but other than that, I'm keeping a decent pace.

My only problem is that I tend to fall asleep about half way through each episode. Jim and I both do. We wake up all scrunched over on the couch with the DVD blaring the screen saver music. It brings me back to the days of doing the same thing when the kids were all younger and they would get annoyed when they'd hear the repetitive music of a DVD and they'd stomp out of their rooms and turn off the TV. They still whine about those days.

Book update: Finished Sense of an Ending. I wonder why it won a prize? It was just an ordinary book. I did like all the theme of history and memories being not very factual and changing with the  years.

Up …

In which I go to see Weird Al (for the 5th time) and then see his bandmates

How many times can a person see Weird Al in concert? Not enough. This is my 5th time. We bought tickets for Katie and Christian as a Christmas present. 

The Vanity tour was fun, even though and because it was not highly produced like his other tours. This was just Al and the band playing what they wanted to play (not the parodies, except for Yoda/Saga Begins, and the medley near the end of the show) and sitting on stools and talking in between songs. I recognized all the deep cuts, and even sang along to a few of them. Al did a cover song during the encore, which pleased Jim to no end: Squeezebox by the Who. Jim is a huge Who fan and the comments Al made before playing it (I'm going to play it as God intended--with an accordion) made Jim smile. We had so much fun that Jim and I are going to see Weird Al when he performs in Clear Lake, Iowa in June. We'll take Matt since he wanted to go to the Utah show, but isn't able to go because we're bringing him home the week bef…