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Lunar trekking

I wanted to record more of the trip to Utah/Idaho on the ol' shoebox castle wall, even though it's been a few weeks since we got back. (college child update: she's enjoying it)

Jim and I decided to drive through Craters of the Moon in Idaho in between seeing his mother and sister, and arriving in Rexburg to see Jimmy (who I found out goes by JAMES at his jobs. Kinda weird, because he's still JIMMY. Or Other Jim, here at the castle).

I'd never heard of Craters of the Moon park before Jim mentioned it in regards to this trip. It sounded interesting, though.

And I will have to go back someday! It was great! It's a small park, in the middle of nowhere, Idaho. It's mostly hardened LAVA. It is kind of otherworldly. My pictures do not do it justice. But I'm going to post some anyway. If you find yourself in the middle of Idaho for a day and don't know what to do, spend the day at Craters of the Moon park.