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Fort Jefferson

Jim and I have been to Dry Tortugas before, but it was so beautiful and peaceful that we had to go again. And this time, Jim was feeling fine (no passing out, no devil's eyes, no mental confusion) and we were going to snorkel this time! 

From my other camera a couple more pictures:

The keys for a happy marriage

No, I don't have marriage advice. (Except choose to be happy, and when you can't be happy, remember that eventually you will get to a point where you can choose to be happy again. Unless there is abuse and then seek help if possible. Sigh. I have not had experience with spousal abuse so my help is woefully inadequate there)

OK enough of that. Really, I don't have marriage advice. What works for us is different than what works for others, etc.

Keys. As in Florida Keys!

30 year anniversary necessitated a big trip. Plus Jim owed me a return to the keys after he caused us a 48 hour suppression of vacation activities on our 25th anniversary trip to the keys. Thank you, vasovagal syncope.

The flight to Ft Lauderdale was a red-eye and the guys who sat behind us were AWFUL. They didn't seem to realize that everyone on the plane just wanted to sleep. They were raucous, foul-mouthed, disruptive, and LOUD. Thankfully I brought ear buds because I turned to music to drown out the i…