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I am losing weight. Thanks to a diabetes diagnosis, I have had to ditch eating sugar (well, not completely. I had half a cookie this morning as part of my breakfast. But that's way better than my previous habit of like 6 cookies before lunch) and excess carbs. I'm not a very careful measurer; so far I've gotten by on eyeballing it and just generally going for smaller portions. Also daily exercise. DAILY. Sometimes, twice daily walks.

I'm no longer addicted to the flavored carbonated water I used to NEEEEEED. I haven't had pop in months. All I drink is water.

And I've lost 20 lbs in three months. I haven't been this weight since 2008.

I'm going to treat myself to a modest shopping spree at Lush.

Then I set other rewards for future goal achievement. If I lose 30 lbs, I get an expensive cupcake from HyVee. Yes it's sugar, but I'll eat little bites over the course of the whole day so I don't spike my BS too bad. And I will ENJOY it.

If I lose 40…

The machine that goes "ping"

In the last year and a couple of months, and really throughout our whole marriage, Jim has been the hospital patient (with the exception of me having the babies) and I've been the supportive spouse. Yesterday it was finally my turn to be the patient! I had been to see a gynecologist who suspected I had an endometrial cyst. He wanted to scrape out my uterus to relieve my menorrhagia and, if there was a cyst, to dig it out and have a look at the tissue.

I'm the adventurous type, so I was keen to do something I had never done before. I had only been put under twice before many years ago, once when I was five and was a very uncompliant dental patient, and then again at 19 for another dental reason--to have my wisdom teeth removed.

I wasn't worried about surgery; it was going to be minor and I would go home after recovery. I was most interested/freaked about being put under. I get the willies when I think about being forced to take a nap. And also with the idea that I might not…

In which part 2 is posted before part 1

I have been told wedding pictures will be available by the end of July. I'm excited to get them! I don't regret not taking pictures during all the wedding festivities, but sometimes I get impatient! But I do not want to rush the photog. She will come through and a month is not unreasonable. So part 1 of Hayley and Austin's wedding festivities will wait.

Part 2 is the open house in Ohio. I did take a few pictures.

And the trip wasn't just an open house; we drove Austin's truck to Ohio. He left it up here when he and Hayley flew to New York for their honeymoon. We packed it with some furniture, a TV and a lot of Hayley's stuff and drove it all down. That meant Jim and I did not ride together. That meant I drove all the way in the van. Matt went in the van with me (to Indiana to attend a robotics meet). He was a decent passenger except when he argued, and then he was really fun. Our arguments are fake arguments, I enjoy hearing him use his own personal logic to be…


This isn't a post about Hayley's wedding. I haven't posted about that because I took very few pictures during the wedding week.

Now that I think about it, there is a short series of pictures I took that I will post.

So I guess this is a little bit about that wedding. Or the couple at least.

Neither of them wanted pictures, but I made them stand there and submit to my will. They will thank me someday. Or even if they don't, I'm glad I took even a bad picture.

Now on to what I was going to say originally. Recovery. We had pretty much 4 days of wedding prep and festivities and ceremonies. It has worn me down. But I am slowly recovering. Jim and I relished a free-from-wedding-prep evening last week by going downtown to see the renovated sculpture garden. I am not an art appreciator by any means but it was fun to contemplate my reactions to various pieces on show.

The last melon's graduation party

Graduation parties are a lot of work, even though I keep telling myself that we'll just keep it simple. I've realized it takes time, energy, and preparation just to keep things simple.

Fortunately, Matt had picked out his grad party menu years in advance. I think back when Hayley's grad party was happening, I asked Matt if he knew what he wanted for food at his party, which was still 2 years away. He shrugged and said, "burritos and strawberries." So I've held him to that.

Burritos are easy, especially when you have dehydrated refried beans and an Instant Pot. I made pork filling and chicken filling in the Instant Pot several days in advance. The IP makes quick work of meat. We also made a ground beef filling, but just browned the beef on the stove. It all went into disposable aluminum pans and then into the freezer until the day before.

The refried beans were reconstituted only half an hour before the party started. I was originally going to do pinto beans i…

The last melon

Name the movie.

We've been having a long year of lasts. The last child has finished his last day of high school and Friday was graduation. How did he get so old. He was just a little kid with a lisp just not so long ago. He was goofy and cuddly and talkative. Now he's an absurdist, stand offish, and reserved, unless asked a question that pertains to one of his areas of expertise (robotics, politics, or classic Doctor Who).

It's weird being done with parenting a school-age kid. It won't really hit me thought until school starts next fall. Matt will be colleging far away and my role as is-your-homework-done nag, and make-sure-you-go-to-bed-as-soon-as-possible urger will be unnecessary. I will not be asking "What did you do in school today?" or "How was school?" with any regularity, or face to face. Jim and I will be eating dinners by ourselves for months at a time. We are hurtling on towards old age.