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Second to last Valentine treasure hunt

No puzzles to solve this year, just post-it note tags to find. 83 of them. Each tag has a number and refers to a letter.

I've set everything up and told Matt that his hunt is ready, but so far, I have yet to see any activity from him re: looking around. He doesn't even know he's supposed to be looking for post-it notes. We shall see how this proceeds forth.

Emptying nest

One left at home. And even he isn't around much. Jim and I have a lot of together time in the evening. I wish I could go back to my young mother self and tell her she'll get there. It was a long slog, but the time WILL come when the constant mothering will be done. Occasional mothering is much easier, and because I had that time of absolute tiredness and wondering when it will end, I really appreciate the gift of my brain being given back to me.

The time, energy, stamina, concern I gave to my children was well worth it. Three are in college and enjoying their time there. One has a family and they live close so I can visit the grandbaby with the cutest sweetest eyes ever when I want.

And now I have time for knitting, sewing, and cross-stitch. I'm doing a Stitch-Along with a facebook group: an ornament of our choosing every month. I finished two in January and still have time to work on my big Headless Horseman project. I took a month to knit up a 14 or 15 foot long Fourth D…