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The last melon's graduation party

Graduation parties are a lot of work, even though I keep telling myself that we'll just keep it simple. I've realized it takes time, energy, and preparation just to keep things simple.

Fortunately, Matt had picked out his grad party menu years in advance. I think back when Hayley's grad party was happening, I asked Matt if he knew what he wanted for food at his party, which was still 2 years away. He shrugged and said, "burritos and strawberries." So I've held him to that.

Burritos are easy, especially when you have dehydrated refried beans and an Instant Pot. I made pork filling and chicken filling in the Instant Pot several days in advance. The IP makes quick work of meat. We also made a ground beef filling, but just browned the beef on the stove. It all went into disposable aluminum pans and then into the freezer until the day before.

The refried beans were reconstituted only half an hour before the party started. I was originally going to do pinto beans i…

The last melon

Name the movie.

We've been having a long year of lasts. The last child has finished his last day of high school and Friday was graduation. How did he get so old. He was just a little kid with a lisp just not so long ago. He was goofy and cuddly and talkative. Now he's an absurdist, stand offish, and reserved, unless asked a question that pertains to one of his areas of expertise (robotics, politics, or classic Doctor Who).

It's weird being done with parenting a school-age kid. It won't really hit me thought until school starts next fall. Matt will be colleging far away and my role as is-your-homework-done nag, and make-sure-you-go-to-bed-as-soon-as-possible urger will be unnecessary. I will not be asking "What did you do in school today?" or "How was school?" with any regularity, or face to face. Jim and I will be eating dinners by ourselves for months at a time. We are hurtling on towards old age.

Pancakes and Legos

Matt got a 73/75 on his project. I have no idea what he said about each of the books/Lego sets. When I asked him, he said he BSed his way through it. Tsk. One must always write things down! And I take a five point credit for myself for suggesting Legos. I had made other suggestions, but each one got shot down. Legos, however, he can do those.