Pancakes and Legos

Jim and I went to IHOP and he ordered an omelet and pancakes.  He ate the HUGE omelet, and then was too full to eat all of the pancakes. So he just at the middle part. JUST THE MIDDLE. GAH!  Disapprove!

Matt had an AP literature project due last week. I suggested he use Legos. We have enough of them to do pretty much anything. Jim got the bins down from the rafters in the garage, and Matt retrieved several dozen sets from his bedroom. this is the collection of Lego guys and set pieces for the Hamlet display. 

These Lego guys and the set pieces were for Pride and Prejudice

And here is the bug from Metamorphosis

Frankenstein's lab, including a monster in chains

The Bastille being stormed by the army which is represented by the blue ocean wave.
 Matt got a 73/75 on his project. I have no idea what he said about each of the books/Lego sets. When I asked him, he said he BSed his way through it. Tsk. One must always write things down! And I take a five point credit for myself for suggesting Legos. I had made other suggestions, but each one got shot down. Legos, however, he can do those.


TaterBean said…
Still think dad was right to just eat the middle. And I really like those Legos!! Jackson does too!