South Dakota picture dump

Work training compelled me to get in my van and drive to South Dakota. And Mike and Jen have a new house, which I was eager to see. I was only going to go out for Friday, but decided to stay longer when I realized that Katie and her family would be out there on Saturday and Sunday. With the new house, there is more room for visitors, and THERE ARE NOW 200% MORE BATHROOMS IN THE NEW HOUSE than there were in the old old old old house. I like to visit Mike and Jen, but the bathroom sitch in that old house was very prohibitive to my personal hygiene regimen.

New guest room digs. And my fabulous leg. Also my fabulous shoe. It's a Croc. 

Dempsey's in downtown Watertown

Jackson and a barn cat.

Jackson LOVED holding the barn cats. The cats even allowed it! Magic never lets anyone pick him up.

Baby barn cat and me

Jackson touches a cow

Mike and his cow

Such a pretty face

Emma likes the cow

The sprawling view of weather

The cat that rarely came out sits by me and likes it. 
I worked for several hours on Friday and then spent most of the rest of the weekend holding Emma, who didn't mind.


TaterBean said…
Glad it worked out that we were there on the same weekend! Really fun!