The last melon

Name the movie.

We've been having a long year of lasts. The last child has finished his last day of high school and Friday was graduation. How did he get so old. He was just a little kid with a lisp just not so long ago. He was goofy and cuddly and talkative. Now he's an absurdist, stand offish, and reserved, unless asked a question that pertains to one of his areas of expertise (robotics, politics, or classic Doctor Who).

It's weird being done with parenting a school-age kid. It won't really hit me thought until school starts next fall. Matt will be colleging far away and my role as is-your-homework-done nag, and make-sure-you-go-to-bed-as-soon-as-possible urger will be unnecessary. I will not be asking "What did you do in school today?" or "How was school?" with any regularity, or face to face. Jim and I will be eating dinners by ourselves for months at a time. We are hurtling on towards old age.

Always with the welding glasses

Matt and Dad

Me and my little boy

Katie brought a cutie to the ceremony (I didn't get a picture of Jackson who fell asleep and was stored under the bleacher for convenience. He slept through the whole thing)
Matt and the class of 2017 enter the stadium

They walk the long route to their seats

Matt gets up when his name is called as a Distinguished Board Scholar

Which means he maintained a 4.0 through all four years of high school.

He walks up to join the rest of the Distinguished Board Scholars

There were 49 of them out of about 600 students

the line shuffles off to allow more students to stand and be recognized

Smarty-pantses with white cords

Matt leaves his row to make his way (the long way) to receive his diploma holder

My baby is about to be all grown up

Shaking someone's hand

His name is being read 

Another hand to shake

And he makes his way back to his seat

thank goodness this is astroturf. No ticks.

"What am I going to do with the rest of my life?"

"For now, I'mma grab a seat and sit down." 

funny hat tossing


The girl was the pilot for the FRC robotics game this year and she was fun to watch

Why must they grow up so fast? 

At least these grown up kids learn to smile nicely

We're happy

Jim, me, and some of our kids, and the two grandkids

More friend

Matt with the Swank boys

Two Mo' boys

I'm not sure who the girl is
Matt done good and is good 'n done.