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Bad Hair Pun

It's Saturday and I think I pinched a nerve in my hip or something. I'm taking it easy on the walking today so I have time to share a few pictures and thoughts on the blog.


Babies are always supposed to be babies, right? Sigh.

Thursday was the end-of-the-year band awards night and they do a senior slide show. That's the reason we went: to see Hayley's pictures. (because seeing her in person every day is not enough?)

When I compile Hayley's high school photo book, I am going to have a section dedicated to Hayley's various hair colors, and another section for her making faces. The above picture will be in both sections.

In graduation party news, we have a date and time set: 6-9 p.m. July 10. I'm collecting recipes for a secret project in relation to the party. And yes there will be cake and Hayley will be involved in designing the decoration on it. Also, I've made a gross of egg rolls (egg rolls are not g…

Happy is the boy who builds a robot

The robotics club KING TeC (don't ask me why they employ the uneven capitalization), of which Matt is a part, recently had its award banquet. I was happy to go. I like going to school things like this where I can watch Matt interact with his friends while I eat. (They usually have really good cookies at these school club award banquets). It's a play date for teenagers.

It was really long (3 hours). Thank goodness I brought my knitting. Matt got two awards, one for being a reliable FLL (I have no idea what that stands for) mentor. I do know that meant that he got an award for coming in on Tuesdays during the fall and helping one of the freshman FTC teams build their bot. He also got an award for Critical Support with regards to the FRC robot--the big guy, "Sir Percival." He was the parts guy. The mother of one of the Robotics team captains told me that her son said Matt was the best parts maker on the team. If you wanted a part done right the first time, you asked Mat…

Cat in the box

Servo has been in a box all day. I tried to get him out of the box, but he, even in his post-surgical state, jumped out of my arms and back into the box. He normally does like an occasional box-sit session, but he's never had one of this length. I'm blaming it on his shirt. He has to wear a shirt until May 17 to protect the stitches from the removal of the giant cyst of grossness on his shoulder. That cyst was literally a handful. It was gross to look at, gross to touch, and gross to even think about. Now the gross cyst has been replaced by 5 heavy duty stitches in a cut 5 inches long on shaved kitty skin. He hates the shirt I'm making him wear. He hated the other two I sewed for him as well, hated them enough to lick them to death. I have modified this latest version so that he can't unravel it (it's made out of ribbing) and he's mad at me. I tried taking it off him for just a little bit, but he immediately started hacking at his stitches until I fed him a bit…