Happy is the boy who builds a robot

The robotics club KING TeC (don't ask me why they employ the uneven capitalization), of which Matt is a part, recently had its award banquet. I was happy to go. I like going to school things like this where I can watch Matt interact with his friends while I eat. (They usually have really good cookies at these school club award banquets). It's a play date for teenagers.

It was really long (3 hours). Thank goodness I brought my knitting. Matt got two awards, one for being a reliable FLL (I have no idea what that stands for) mentor. I do know that meant that he got an award for coming in on Tuesdays during the fall and helping one of the freshman FTC teams build their bot. He also got an award for Critical Support with regards to the FRC robot--the big guy, "Sir Percival." He was the parts guy. The mother of one of the Robotics team captains told me that her son said Matt was the best parts maker on the team. If you wanted a part done right the first time, you asked Matt to make it. High praise for the Budgie.

He also lettered! I think Robotics is Matt's niche. I asked him what part he worked on, and he said, "Most of them." Other people planned the design (Matt did some help with that), but he made a lot of the parts.

The robot was built to stack recycling containers up to 5 high with a garbage can on top. The robot did pretty well and at the last competition, it was also able to grab two garbage containers and pull them towards their side so the competition couldn't get at them. 

It's a tall bot

Matt worked on these parts

And this part

And that part. (and the wheels which he said were boogers to work on. And they had to take them on and off when unpacking and packing it)
This bot will probably be at the MN State Fair sometime in August. I think I will have to go see it in action. I haven't ever been to a bot meet. I have watched the drivers practice with it though. Fun to watch!


Jen said…
Wow, way to go Matt! Who would've thought that this would turn into such a talent for him. It amazes me to think how they know how to design and MAKE all those parts into something functional.