Bad Hair Pun

It's Saturday and I think I pinched a nerve in my hip or something. I'm taking it easy on the walking today so I have time to share a few pictures and thoughts on the blog.


Babies are always supposed to be babies, right? Sigh.

Thursday was the end-of-the-year band awards night and they do a senior slide show. That's the reason we went: to see Hayley's pictures. (because seeing her in person every day is not enough?)

She got a couple of laughs when the baby picture was revealed. 3D glasses and a Teletubby make for good slide show material.

You can always pick these two out in a crowd. They also really like to make stupid faces.
When I compile Hayley's high school photo book, I am going to have a section dedicated to Hayley's various hair colors, and another section for her making faces. The above picture will be in both sections.

In graduation party news, we have a date and time set: 6-9 p.m. July 10. I'm collecting recipes for a secret project in relation to the party. And yes there will be cake and Hayley will be involved in designing the decoration on it. Also, I've made a gross of egg rolls (egg rolls are not gross) that are waiting in my freezer for party time! A sweet and sour sauce has been made and tested with good reviews (well, Hayley and Katie said they both liked it). I have contacted my personal fried chicken chef (Christian) and he has cleared his schedule for the party. AND POTATO SALAD (thanks, Jenni!) will be there of course! I have had a request for sandwich loaf--we will see if I have time. See you there?