Cat in the box

Servo has been in a box all day. I tried to get him out of the box, but he, even in his post-surgical state, jumped out of my arms and back into the box. He normally does like an occasional box-sit session, but he's never had one of this length. I'm blaming it on his shirt. He has to wear a shirt until May 17 to protect the stitches from the removal of the giant cyst of grossness on his shoulder. That cyst was literally a handful. It was gross to look at, gross to touch, and gross to even think about. Now the gross cyst has been replaced by 5 heavy duty stitches in a cut 5 inches long on shaved kitty skin. He hates the shirt I'm making him wear. He hated the other two I sewed for him as well, hated them enough to lick them to death. I have modified this latest version so that he can't unravel it (it's made out of ribbing) and he's mad at me. I tried taking it off him for just a little bit, but he immediately started hacking at his stitches until I fed him a bit of tuna. Then I put the shirt back on.

By the way, the box is on the couch. I put it there so it wouldn't be on the floor.
There's the box. That is not Servo, that is Magic, who has been hanging around the box all day. I think he knows that Servo isn't quite right and Magic feels bad for him.

Here is Servo in his shirt which he hates.
I would like to attach wheels to the box and take the cat/box out around the neighborhood for a walk.


Jen said…
Poor Servo! I feel for the cyst free guy, but I'm sure he'll appreciate all you're doing for him once he's healed and sand softball. I'm really trying not to laugh because I know he's probably miserable. As you must be too just having to keep on top of it.
Jen said…
Sans softball not sand softball
Jenni said…
That is so funny. He is as pathetic as can be. And the fact that Magic is hanging out next to the box being all sympathetic to his brother is really on point. hahahahahahaha!!!
Jenni said…
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