Matt's turn for braces. He's the fourth and last kid of ours to get braces. (OJ never got them.)

So, the necessary before picture. Keep in mind, this is an uncooperative subject. He has to make a face.

 And the after picture. The braces were only fitted to the top teeth to begin with.
No he is not naturally cross-eyed, but he will be if he keeps on making faces while I'm trying to take close-up pictures of his face.

This process will involve exposure of #11, same as Hayley had to have done. He also is missing 2 permanent teeth, but we won't be doing implants. Perhaps someday. The orthodontist is fairly sure the braces will be off before his senior year.


Jenni said…
NOT THE EXPOSURE OF #11!!! OH the shame !! Sounds like a good plan to get teeth in place and an award winning smile for future face-making in pictures! Have fun!
Jen said…
Wow, I cannot imagine bracing up 4 kids. I know we are going to be in this boat soon (Annie asks weekly when she's up), but I think we should wait until the teenaged years. I had my braces in elementary school, and look where that got me (A SECOND MISERABLE ROUND IN MY LATE 30'S). Good luck to Matt, especially with that exposure thing...whatever that
Jen said…
P.S. I think I may be able to hook up Matt with some implants when he's old enough. Just ask your boss if he knows anything about them.