3 days and I was too busy yesterday

So I missed blogging.

I was at work at the actual office (where I mistakenly spelled "an" as "and" and got called out for it--rightfully so) until 1, then I ate lunch, locked up the office, and drove four hours to get home. The elders came over for dinner and got to our house right as I got there. So we ate dinner (Jim cooked, because I was out of town--isn't it the wife who is supposed to be cooking dinner and the husband who gets home from a business trip? We must be just so liberated from stereotypes!) After dinner, I said, "I'm going to lie down for half an hour. Wake me up at 7:05 p.m." Aaaaaand it was 7:05 a.m. when I got up.

Here's to sleeping for 12 hours:  YAY

Now I'm up and relaxing on a Saturday morning.

I do have one picture to share from my trip out to SD. Thurs night I accompanied Jen to a vocal showcase of Mimi's 2nd grade and a 3rd grade class at their high school basketball game. Before the game, there was a fundraiser dinner where we ate. While we were sitting at a lunch table eating our burgers, I asked Jen's girls to frown for a picture. (It seemed easier than getting them all to smile nicely at the same time)

Fortunately, those kids are STILL tres cute even when not smiling. The minute she was done eating, Annie ran off to "hang out" with her friends. You can tell she can't WAIT to be a teenager. Mimi and her class sang the Star Spangled Banner very well, and Violet rocked a floral headband that I coveted.

And now, I must return to thinking "3 more days" over and over and over.

Update: A thought just struck me: there are no missionaries in the WORLD serving now who have been out longer than EJ. There are probably many who have been out just as long, but no one any longer than that.  3 days....


Jenni said…
It is odd being the one on business trips (even if my business is cheerleading, it is still my work). You are the most liberal of couples. Not really, but when it comes to feeding the missionaries, you are.

YAY for 3 more days. Almost unbelievable!!
Jen said…
I'm glad you got to come visit even if it was for work. Sorry to drag you to the kids' school. Hope it wasn't too unbearable.