2 days and I didn't realize until now that it's Groundhog's Day

It's EJ's last Sunday meeting in a Mexican ward. He has been invited to speak in the Spanish ward here in Minneapolis but we don't know the date yet. Jim's friend is the bishop of that ward and I look forward to EJ speaking there and watching him converse in Spanish.

Groundhog's day: not a big holiday, although it does remind me of my college roommate Karen. She loved all holidays with equal fervor and would send Groundhog's day cards to her friends. She had to make them herself because it's not a card-intensive holiday (and believe me, she looked for Groundhog day cards).

Karen and I got along really well (inasmuch as I can get along with people--it's not one of my strengths). She and I lost contact just a few years after college and I've always wondered where she was and what she was doing.

When google got big, I tried googling her, but never had any success. I even tried googling her husband because it's usually easier to find people through the husband. I got a few hits, but I was always chicken to make contact.

A few months ago, I tried again. And this time, I found a phone number entry that I was 75% sure was the right one. I texted a greeting, explained who I was, and who I was looking for. I figured I could text, because most phones, even landlines, can receive texts. With landlines, there is a feature that converts text to voice. I know because our home phone used to get text to voice messages for Paul for some reason.

It was the right number. Karen messaged me back on Facebook and said she had been looking for me too, wondering what happened to me over the years. We had a wonderful conversation.

So this Groundhog day, I am grateful for old friends, technology that connects us with old friends, and the courage to look for old friends.


Jenni said…
How fantastic about reconnecting with Karen through technology. That's why I love technology.

And 2 days!! Does he have any ideas on what he will do until he heads back to I-dee-who?
Jen said…
Groundhog Day is my favorite movie. Like of all time. I don't know why.