Teenagers and Easter eggs

When asked if they would like to dye eggs this year, the three remaining at-home children all expressed very little enthusiasm. But I bought egg dye anyway.

Good thing I did because at 10:30 p.m. Saturday night, all three kids wanted to dye eggs.

See, this just adds to the hoarder impulses I have. "You need to buy that just in case," my brain tells me, because heaven forbid we disappoint the 18-, 16- and 14 year olds by not having colorful hard boiled eggs on Easter Sunday. For $2, I couldn't argue very much, although I don't mind disappointing the teenagers once in a while.

Dyeing eggs with teenagers means that we aren't making them look pretty with cute little Easter bunnies or chicks. Hayley's theme this year was Pokemon creatures and a TARDIS. Paul chose his two eggs to be checkerboard, one of which involved several steps including tape, and Matt just did random scribbles, one that was nearly completely black (colored by crayon) and a Pokeball.  Jim did "eat me" and "peel me" on his eggs, and I went for an eyeball and a radiation symbol.
Trying the eyeball on for size

See the TARDIS in the lower right corner?
Jim and I asked if kids were interesting in searching for hidden eggs in the morning, and only Paul responded with "If you hide them, I'll look for them."

In the morning when we hid some for Paul, Hayley and Matt were indignant, insisting that they be included. Those two need to pay better attention when we ask them questions. I was about ready to tell them to hide their own eggs to find.

Easter with teenagers: non-standard egg designs and lots of eye-rolling.


Jenni said…
Those are just the kind of eggs I'd expect to see at your house. 2nd year in a row we didn't decorate or hide eggs. Lame-is-we. I did boil eggs and make deviled eggs which they ate enthusiastically. I was half way there. And it was just me here. And I had choir at 8 am. Lame. I like yours, though. I'd want meaningful eggs, too.
Jen said…
I have to say those are some of the coolest Easter eggs I've ever seen. Now this shows what a nicer mom you are because we've only dyed eggs Witt the girls a couple of times. The neighbors did the work for us this year by inviting the big girls to dye eggs with them. My favorite is the radioactive egg.
Jake and Steph said…
Maya would have freaked for the Poke-eggs. Not sure if I can show her the post, cuz then we'll have to color eggs. Actually, I bet I can get egg dye for less than $2 now. Maybe we'll do that tonight. Dang-it!