Hipster fashion blog post 2

Hayley wore another cheap, pre-owned dress on Sunday. (Not that I do the buying a new Easter dress thing anymore anyway)

This dress looked 'meh' on the hanger, but Hayley liked the fabric. When she put the dress on, it looked so much better.

Now I have to find brown, or even pink shoes to go with it. No, she did not go to church barefoot; she wore her black slouchy boots. AND she didn't wear her coat this time so she could be seen in all her thrift store prettiness.


Jen said…
Wow, another great discovery! I know Hayley is in to the darker colors, but the bright pink looks really nice on her.
Jenni said…
That is a great style!! Very hipster of her. I don't do the Easters dress thing anymore - it was fun while it lasted. My girls wore dresses from last summer - gasp!! I like how Hayley poses for these pictures. And I noticed her Fb status has changed to "in a relationship."