Memorial Day parade

Finally something to post about.

Today was Matt's last public appearance as an 8th grade band member. Our youngest child can count his days at the middle school using just the fingers on his hands (no thumbs even).

When the babies were all little, I longed for the days when those ankle-biters were all growed up. It took awhile to get to this point, but I'm enjoying it immensely. Pretty soon, we will have children in only one school. I can hardly remember the last time we had that (Katie would have been in 5th grade I think). I love it!

Here are a couple of pictures of Matt in the band. The weather was almost crappy, but not quite. It was misty and overcast and just a hair this side of being chilly. But not quite. In other words, I found it pleasant.
Not as short as he used to be. Nor as young and babyfaced as he used to be.

In the front row where I can spot him easily

Go trombonists!
Hayley didn't march. As a bassoonist, she had a choice and chose not to. I still made her get up early on this Memorial Day to do her cat job.


Mike said…
It's unusual for you to be able to clearly photograph your children in marching band format. He is looking older and less squeaky. We sure had a good time with Paul and I trust he made it home safely. Did he gush to you with all his stories and experiences?
Jenni said…
WOW - all your kids in one school!!! How will you handle that. Will you wistfully drive by the old haunts? Having everyone on the same schedule (all 2 of them) will make a great difference in your lifestyle - it did for me. It looked to be a grand Memorial Day. Matt looks very able out there both marching and playing.