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It's a Sunday morning, I have an hour before I have to leave for church, my Sunday School lesson is prepared, the kids get themselves ready for church, I've eaten lunch, so now what? Blog!

It's almost the end of the school year, which means I tend to think about how old my babies are and wonder where the time went. Hayley is almost done being a junior and Matt is almost done being a freshman. I started this blog back in 2008 when Katie was just graduating, and Matt was in 3rd grade. It boggles the mind.

Ok enough of that.

I gots pictures.

Band concert in the gym. Matt looked all nice and I think he knew where I was sitting.

Trombonist in action
This was taken at the Robotics end-of-the-year banquet. The girl sitting next to Matt had no problem being photographed. Matt, on the other hand, would not cooperate. This was the best shot I could get of him.
Matt and the KING TeC robot. I don't remember the name they gave it.
Matt helped a little bit with the innards. He said he made wire tabs or something.

Hayley bassooning at the band concert

Hayley likes to go to nerd or geek conventions. This weekend is Animinneapolis and here she is with her friend. She is dressed as.....something saiyan. I tried the wig on once and made faces at her, but she looks much better in it. Anecdote about what she has in her hand: A package arrived a couple months ago and it was opened. I looked in and saw what I thought were soaps. But the package was addressed to Hayley. I wondered why she would order soap when I think I do a pretty good job of providing body cleaning agents. I asked her what they were and she said, "Popsicles." No way. These things did not melt, and they weren't cold or made of a frozen material. She insisted they were edible. She let me taste one, and despite the blue-green color, they are pretty tasty. They taste like butter carmel. And are apparently intrinsic to the costume of this particular character.  This was her costume on Friday--they were out late at a concert by Steam Powered Giraffes.

And this is her costume for Animinneapolis for Saturday. Frozen fans will know who she is portraying here. I like how she used her hair to simulate muttonchops. Also, I will have you know that she spent all week worrying about the boots. The zipper was stuck and she wanted me to buy her a new pair of boots for the convention. I didn't give it much thought until Friday afternoon as she was getting ready for the con and she started whining about the boots again. "See this is why I wanted to get new boots this week" Wah wah wah. So I grabbed the boots and pushed and pulled and yanked and finally got out the tweezers and got the zipper unstuck. Go me! I was a hero. The boots stuck again on Saturday morning with her foot still in the boot, but we managed to get the boot off and I worked my zipper unsticking magic again. And then I cut off the part of the boot that kept getting stuck.

 Ok, time to get ready for church.


Jenni said…
Like!! Hayley and Maddie will have to take pictures with their "Frozen" costumes!!! So end of year concerts are done. Nothing left but he exams!!
Dennis said…
It's unfair how your children grow up. And it is always too fast and before you know it they are gone away to college, on missions, married, etc. Hayley is very creative and I love (but do not understand) her costumes.
Jessie said…
I miss your posts! I hope you make at least one blog post about your trip out to see the grandbaby...pretty please?