This post is for Jessie

Because you, Jessie, asked for it. I give no excuses for not blogging since May-ish.

I believe in love at first sight. No, it didn't happen with Jim and me (and that's ok. We've managed to remain married for nearly 26 years despite not falling in love the first time we laid eyes on each other. The first time I saw Jim at work at the Morris Center back when it was a cafeteria, my first thought was "He looks Hispanic. I wonder if he has an accent?" and then I wandered back to my job in the dishroom and giggled my way through the rest of my shift and didn't think anymore about that "Hispanic" guy") (I have no idea what Jim thought the first time he saw me. He probably thought "She works in the dishroom and I bet she giggles a lot" and then he went back to work on C line and did his job like he was supposed to).

Anyway back to love at first sight. It happens with your babies. I experienced love at first sight with Katie, Jimmy, Paul, Hayley and then Matt. It was that overwhelming urge to hold the little bebe forever and hug and kiss them every single second. (I still have that urge, by the way, but none of my babies will allow me to indulge in it anymore. Don't let your little babies grow up to be big babies)

I experienced it again this past week when I walked in the door to Katie and Christian's apartment and beheld little Jackson, my first grandbaby.


I spent the week holding him and kissing his face, arms, legs, feet, ears, neck, knees, hands, elbows. I would have kissed his cute little butt too, but I didn't because he poops a lot. And frequently when his diaper is off.

I have WAY more pictures of little Jackson but this will suffice for now.

As for what did we do on our visit, the answer is mostly hold Jackson. Jim and I didn't want to leave him. I'm not fond of the idea of being a long-distance grandma, but I know it can be done and done well, so I will have to make sure I invest the time necessary to be a good long-distance grandma.


Jessie said…
Yay!! Thank you!!

Jackson is so cute! He looks like he must be a good snuggler and tolerates the flood of grandma kisses quite well.

Long-distance grandmothering is no fun for anyone. But, you're right - it can be done and done well. I wish you luck enduring the days between visits!
Jenni said…
He's so cute!! It is sure fun to have a new family member! Gaining Christain as a family member was a good time and all, but this is different!!! I'm so excited for the first time I can meet him and give him little kisses!!
Jen said…
What an adorable addition! I can't wait to hold him in my arms one day (soon, I hope)!