De plane!

I'm still thinking about the trip. I got an email message from Captain Bob, the owner of the boats, asking how we liked the tour. I gave him a glowing review on tripadvisor. It really was a good time. The tours are designed for cruisers, so they try to pack the sights and the snorkeling all into a specific length of time. We weren't limited by time, but 6 hours cruising on a speedboat was enough.

The last bit of the tour is the jet flyover at Maho Beach. We had stopped at some resort beach that had such clear blue water, but we were only there a minute (and already one guy had jumped off the boat into the water), when our captain, Roddick (a French person), looked over his shoulder and shouted out, "The plane is coming! If you want to see it come in, we have to get going!" (all with an outrageous French accent) Everyone, including the guy already in the water, agreed we wanted to haul boat butt over to Maho for the flyover. The swimmer climbed back in the boat and we took off for Maho. It sure was a speed boat. Roddick handled it well, though, and we plowed to a stop in the middle of Maho Bay while the plane was still just a small dot in the sky. Personally, I don't know how he saw it that first time, but we were all glad he did, because it was AWESOME.

The metal bars belong to the little boat top.

This is the underside of a plane. It was SO CLOSE.
That is me in the water. Yes, I was there.

Happy day! We love being on a speed boat!

Oh, the water, the beautiful, clear, turquoise water! Isn't that like the prettiest color in the whole world?

The French person, aka Captain Roddick

The radar thingie at the airport/beach

An airplane's butt


Jen said…
Isn't it amazing how close they have to get to land those behemoth planes? That was definitely the most adventurous part of the boat trip. I'm so glad you guys did it, and loved it! I'll have to go read your review.
Jenni said…
It's so weird seeing that plane on the beach. It shouldn't be there. But, Oh, the clear, blue, ocean!!!!!!!