Paul in Minnesota!

I got first hug this time!

We had a traumatizing hour in the afternoon wondering if Paul would make it home because of insufficient funds on his card for luggage, and part of it was that I was not at my phone when he called. We had no way of contacting him but eventually we were able to confirm that he had boarded the plane. Crisis averted!

Gigi held Jackson while we waited.

Some of our welcome home signage.

Paul is back!

Grandpa and Paul

Aunt Jenni, Paul, and Grandma

Hayley, Katie and Paul and Jackson

It was a long trip


Jessie said…
Yaaaaay!!! I'm so glad he's home!! And I'm so glad the last leg of his trip got sorted out. What did Jackson and Paul think of each other? Strange to think that they've never met before!
Jessie said…
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