Random pictures from the last month or two:
Matt and Jackhand

Granddaddy and Jackson read Go Dog Go

Team 2169's bot grabs all the green garbage cans at the meet. (Matt helped build the bot)

KING TeC, team 2169 members

Matt, the embodiment of team spirit with his pompom hair and safety glasses

Matt talks to a good friend during intermission at the HS fall musical
 From Thanksgiving:
Jackson is enchanted by the Christmas tree lights--he calls them "tote"

some cousins that are not little anymore

Some cousins that are sort of little along with the not little ones. This is not a comprehensive group either. Three of my kids are missing, Jenni's older two, and then we have Gary's grandchildren that aren't in the picture. Still, that's a nice group of cousins.

Mother and children and children-in-law and the youngest grandchild

Grandma and grandchildren