It's a tie

Today, my oldest child asked me who was the naughtiest of my children. Like I was going to tell her. But I'll tell the faceless random stranger who happens by my blog....ALL OF THEM.

In other news, we regain two children this coming week. Jim and I are driving out to Utah to retrieve two collegers, Paul and Hayley. So the house will be moderately full again, especially if Katie comes over. We'll miss OJ though. I wonder if he'll move back here after he finishes college, which isn't that far off. He'll have to share a room with Matt.

Also, I feel a great weight lifted from my brain. In late February, I was asked to "facilitate" a class on modeling righteous marriages. I agreed to do it, and from that time forth, my life kinda got hectic. 3 people in my circle of acquaintanceship died, one of them being my husband's father (a great big bear of a man with the softest heart), necessitating a trip to CA for the memorial service. Which led to Jim going through his cycle of vaso-vagal syncope for a full day. Note to self: Dramamine. Then I was at my mom's for lunch with sister and sister-in-law and her kids, and Katie and Jackson, and niece, and the 9 yo nephew had a seizure. Panic ensued and it was very scary.

So I was close to telling the stake RS pres that I could not do the class. But I went ahead. Stress stress stress. But the conference was yesterday and now it is over and I do not have that persistent buzz of stress in my brain. Thank the heavens. It went fine, but I nearly toppled over from exhaustion after the class was over.



Karie said…
Glad the class went well, but not so happy you had so much stress! Do we get a recap of what you taught, or do I have to start making things up?