Sugar high too (plus ate)

10 things I wouldn't have done two weeks ago (before diabetes diagnosis. Not before diabetes, because I realize that I've probably been diabetic for a while now)

1. Stare at my 1/4 c of cottage cheese and 1/4 of an apple, chopped, and will it to be satisfying. Heck, BDD (before diabetes diagnosis), limiting any sort of consumable food to 1/4 c serving or a 1/4 of the whole would have been "NOT ENOUGH." (Actually, I was surprised at how decent the snack was. I'll eat it again and won't complain about the serving size)

2. Same with 1/4 c rolled oats with barely a tsp of brown sugar and raspberries in almond milk. BDD, if I ate oatmeal, I ate 1/2 c of it with about a tbsp of brown sugar (which I considered myself practically saintly for doing, as SOME people in this family put about 1/4 c of brown sugar on their oats. Oh, how the self-diagnosed saintly have fallen). It was enough. I ate it before working out. Then I came home and had 2 eggs and half an avocado on...

3... a half a slice of whole wheat (the wholest of whole wheats, the sturdiest of breads, the kind that scratches your throat if you have an itch) bread. BDD, it would have been 2 eggs and avocado on 2 pieces of the whitest, fluffiest slices of bread. 75% reduction of bread.

4. Spread one high protein/low carb (well, lower than other bars) bar over a whole day as a treat. BDD, I'd have eaten the whole box today.  But today, one bite after brekky, one bite after lunch, one bite after my cottage cheese snack, and the rest saved for a post-dinner bit o' chocolate.

5. Limited myself to one chocolate item per day. Yesterday it was a low-fat diet fudgesicle (not strictly for the carb conscious, but...I like them), which I plopped into a bowl, topped it with a helping of peanuts, and ate it like ice cream. Today, the slowly-being-eaten-chocolate-low-carb bar will be my chocolate treat. And actually, yesterday was the first chocolate treat I had since the diagnosis. BDD, I could eat the whole box of chocolate whatevers, cookies, brownies, cake, etc.

6. Eat 1 1/2 c. raw veg as accompaniment to one slice of pizza (and I did not eat all of the crust). BDD, 3 slices of pizza and no veg. Even though I do like veg.

7. Prick my finger every day (3x a day no less) for my blood sugar reading.  BDD, who wants that kind of daily pain? I have found though, that being a quantity-based personality, meaning I have an easier time coping/managing/dealing with things if they can be quantified, I like knowing numbers regardless of pain experienced. Like when I was in labor, I always wanted them to check my cervix and tell me how many cm I was dilated. I weigh myself 3x, 4x daily. I view my world numerically. On walks, I count bunnies. On my blog, I do 10 things. So now, my new self-view includes wanting to know what my blood sugar level is.

8. Say "BS" a lot. BDD, BS meant "bullsh*t." Now it means blood sugar. I like saying that because I'm diabetic, I'm full of bs.

9. Eat veg for brekky. BDD, even though I like veg, I did not consider veg a breakfast food. Unless it was a potato. But cukes for brekky now, pea pods, even cauli.

10. Make a list of 10 things relating to radical diet changes and habits relating to diabetes because BDD, I philosophised that until I got a diagnosis, I could do whatever I wanted. And that is why I have a diagnosis of diabetes.

PS. I would have put exercise on this list, but I did that BDD. I do like walkies.


TaterBean said…
I liked this post! Now I must eat better too! But I don't like the idea of veg for brekky still.