And now we travel back in time to last Saturday

I have a good friend Pam who loves to have parties. (I suggest you all get yourself a friend who likes to have parties)

I was feeling a little down and out a few months ago when I realized that Kate would be having bridal showers without me. I was not despondent, but the corners of my mouth were turned down just a hair more than normal. But this good friend of mine, sensing in herself the opportunity to host a party, approached me and asked if she could plan and throw Katie a Skype bridal shower. (Y'all know what Skype is, right?) I thought what a fun idea! I could be a part of a bridal shower for my daughter using the wonders of technology! 

And my good friend did not disappoint! She goes all out to decorate.

We'll start off the picture fest with one of ME. Because you all need a little more me in your life, right?

The table. On the right are candies that are either purple (who knew that purple Twizzlers existed?) or wrapped in purple foil


The smaller table with writing paraphernalia on it. And silver pumpkins!

The mantle with pictures of Katie and her fiance

The entry way with more pictures and wedding themed printouts all nicely framed and surrounded by cute things!

Pam even went so far as to put wedding themed decorations in her bathroom.

The entry way. Pam hung a strip of wallpaper as a backdrop for this particular setting.

You cannot having a bridal shower without giant tissue paper puffballs and drapery hung like a giant spider on your ceiling. Pam told me this morning that the "spider" is still hanging in her living room.

The Skype version of Katie and her friend Karisa. All the gifts were shipped in advance to Katie in Utah so she got to do the gift unwrapping. And we played a game where she had to answer some questions. Pam sent her some decorations to put up around her apartment and even supplied Katie and Karisa with a gift card for food so they could party with us in every way.

L to R, my mother, my niece Kayla, my SIL Steph, and ME!
BIG thanks to Pam for the party, thanks to Jen for taking pictures (but she didn't get one with her in it) (and nevermind that she hates my camera--these photos were taken with her phone), and thanks to all who attended!

And for those of you who read the last paragraph in my post yesterday, the answer is: cartoon Brigadoon maroon balloon bassoon buffoon.


Jen said…
I was going to ask who took the gorgeous pictures;) I need a Pam to throw parties for me. It was a very fun party, and now I can say I've been part of a Skype party? How many people can say that? Pam really outdid herself, and I, too, was astonished to see even the bathroom got the bridal treatment. The food was yum, and I'm still kicking myself for eating too much. Just two more days until Utah. See you then!
Jen said…
P.S. I had no idea what you or Jake are talking about. I'll just chalk it up to another of your weird inside family
Jenni said…
Having a friend who is dedicated to throwing the best parties ever is a magical thing. I'm glad you have a version of Lani in your life!! Pam did a great job and really went all-out. I wish I could have been there; however, now I am actually here for the wedding! I"ll have to remember that wallpaper idea - very clever.

My suggestion for Jake was Bassoosical the Musical. I knew I was wrong, but I thought it fit the bill.
TaterBean said…
That was a fun party! It was crazy awesome to do a party through skype!! I like seeing the pictures that were taken from the party, it was only a limited view from where Karisa and I were. BIG THANKS TO PAM!