Obligatory Halloween costume post

Although not so much obligatory as "for posterity's sake." As in so I can remember what costumes the kids wore each year. Because I like to keep track of those things.

Hayley had been working on her costume since summer time. She sewed stuff for it, but in her own way; without a pattern, without instructions, willy-nilly, making a mess, hounding me for help with a collar. She likes to create things, but doesn't want too much structure telling her how to do it. And she got a hat and a Pikachu backpack free from some website (she is always getting packages in the mail. It's a bit worrisome, but she claims they are all freebies).

But here she is:
yes, she sewed the gloves.

"Ash Ketchum" from Pokemon series.
 Matt had no clue what he wanted to be for Halloween, which was kind of hard to believe since he was the one who went as Dirt and as Fire and one year as "an explosion of Mario" and last year as Jake the Dog. But when kids from the neighborhood his age came to the door, Jim and I decided he should be trick-or-treating with them, not hiding in the house. I remembered that he had a fedora, and with his black suit and a pair of sunglasses, he made a fairly passable Blues Brother. Or, as Jenni pointed out, Matt could also have been dressed up as his big brother EJ.
Yes, we let him trick or treat in his suit, the suit he's going to wear for his sister's wedding (next Tuesday!!!!)

We've already decided on Matt's costume for next year so we won't have to come up with something at the last minute. Matt wants to go as Doctor Who, the eleventh version:
I think he should decorate a pillowcase as the TARDIS to go with this outfit. So be on the lookout for a maroon bow-tie, a tweedy blazer, and a sonic screwdriver for me. I'll reimburse purchases of said items, provided they fit Matt. We'll also accept a red fez, which is sadly not pictured above.

And did anyone see Jake's comment on yesterday's post about "if Hayley drew herself into a musical about a magical, pretend place acting goofy while playing a large woodwind, what would it be considered?" I got a partial answer, but then added to it. Did anyone else text him with an answer? My addition reads thusly: If Hayley drew herself into a musical about a magical, pretend place wearing reddish brown clothing, and playing a large latex woodwind instrument and acting goofy, what would she be? Tune in tomorrow evening! Or text Jake!


Jen said…
Once again I'm impressed with Hayley's off-the-cuff sewing skills. You've taught your girls well. She looks cute and full of character. That's the point, right? I have no idea what her character is because I never once watched Pokemon or looked through the cards. Although you'd had to have lived in a cave to not know who Pikachu is, right?

Matt's costume is awesome! You gotta love when you can quickly throw together a costume from stuff just sitting in your closet. You knew there had to be a reason why Matt and Jim showed up with a fedora. They subconsciously knew that Matt would need a Blues Brothers costume. And, yes, he looks so much like EJ. Still doesn't seem possible though.
Jake and Steph said…
It's 8:30 saturday morning, checking blogs and the pic of Dr. Who shows up. Dylan is across the room, sees the pic and says, "Who's that? Dr. Who?" No idea he had any idea about Dr. Who. I barely have any idea about Dr. Who.