Bell face

I have to show you pictures of the marching band from tonight's high school football game. The band wore shorts and navy/gold t-shirts (most of them). Had they worn their marching band uniforms, giant flat bed trucks would have been needed to haul them in, and recordings would need to be played instead of live music, as they all would have fainted from the heat. (and actually, it's getting cooler. Sort of)
The trombones lead in through the crowd. One band member has his face covered up by the back end of his instrument. No matter. There will be plenty of opportunities to get pictures of that kid's face later.
Like now. Oh, wait. Stupid lyre.
How about now? Dang.
Now? Ugh. This is beginning to be annoying.

I spy eyes!
Finally that kid got the trombone away from his face.
And thus begins the first of several episodes in a new blog series, "Trying to take pictures of Matt in marching band."

I teased Matt (very gently) because when I asked him if he had an appropriate shirt to wear for marching, he said, "Yeah, I'm going to wear my middle school band shirt." I laughed because if I were him, I would have been afraid to wear it for the potential teasing it would bring. Wearing a MIDDLE SCHOOL shirt at a HIGH SCHOOL function? I thought that was just asking to be beat up (except...marching band kids are not known for beating people up, are they? Morgan? Katie?). Fortunately, he's not the only freshman in the group, and as you can see be the shirt, the middle school name is very small, while the words "Prior Lake Bands" are very big. Plus the girl next to him is wearing one. So I need not have teased.

Also, this is my baby IN HIGH SCHOOL. Doing high school things. I did not authorize his growing up so fast!


Jenni said…
This is awesome! I love me some band pictures. I can't wait for the next 4 years of band pictures. And no, I am not being sarcastic one bit! It is funny that you can't get a good picture of his face!! FUNNY!

I would not have worn a middle school shirt, either. But kids these days wear anything - so I've come to see.

Happy high schooling!
Jen said…
Love it! It's almost like he was avoiding your camera on purpose. I would laugh at his t-shirt choice, but then I noticed others did the same thing.
TaterBean said…
Marching Band kids are quite notorious for beating people up.