Matt in spats and a hat

But no picture of him in those until football season gets underway.

Some notes on school schedules:

Our high school seems to be having trouble putting together viable schedules for Hayley and Matt this year.

Hayley has overlapping classes--First quarter Concert band goes from like 11-12 and AP Comp goes from 11:30 to 12:30. And she has an open period (unasked for) at the end of the day. Really, high school?

Also, during quarter 2 and 4, Matt has concurrent classes. We really like quarter 4--Spanish and Science for first hour. We were thinking perhaps they are going to teach Science in the Spanish language.

Also also, Matt has been put in the marching band for first quarter, hence the spats and a hat title. As long as I have had kids in this school district, freshmen aren't in marching band unless they are also in Wind Ensemble (like Paul). Matt is not in Wind Ensemble. So I thought, OK fine, they must need trombone players in marching band and then he'll be in the freshman band the rest of the year. Nope. He's in the Varsity band, which is for 10-12 graders who aren't in Wind Ensemble. Whatever.

I hope they get all this straightened out before Monday. Sheesh. (Although Matt in Varsity band would be acceptable. It's only weird because I haven't heard of that happening before).

Picture of Matt with no spats or a hat but at a locker at the HIGH SCHOOL. My baby is in HIGH SCHOOL.

Someone decorated his locker. I like "Go 9th grader"  Go where? and why?


Jenni said…
Seems like all the scheduing problems started when the computers took it over. We have problems too. I bet that whatever band Matt is in, he'll graduate!! That's what I always tell myself. I didn't think school started til September 3?
Jen said…
I, too, cant't believe Matt is in high school. He will always be the chubby blue-eyed baby.

I hope that the glitches have been worked out by now. The "Go 9th Grader" sign reminds me of Katherine Helmond's snobby character on Everybody Loves Raymond when she said "Go Sports!" good luck to Hayley and Matt!
TaterBean said…
Just let him stay in Varsity Band. lol.
TaterBean said…
Just let him stay in Varsity Band. lol.