There is one spider I don't mind

Mom read Charlotte's Web to Jenni and me when we were little. Even though I could read, I enjoyed the nights Jenni and I got to crawl into bed with Mom, and be read to. Mom is a good out-loud reader. She didn't do voices, necessarily, but she did do emotion. It's an experience that I am sad to say I did not carry on. I don't know why. I did try to read to my children--the Harry Potter books--but my kids never really got into it like I thought they should. Or maybe I didn't make it special enough. Or maybe HP was too long. I don't know.

Anyway, I have fond enough memories of Charlotte's Web that when I saw that Prior Lake Players was going to present it for their fall play, I toyed with the idea that I should audition. But then I decided not to because the auditions were going to be held while I was taking Hayley out to Utah.

So one afternoon, I went to pick up Katie and Jackson, and we stopped for a sublime pastry at Edelweiss (drool). As we were leaving, Katie saw an old acquaintance, Kay D. We decided to say hello. Turns out Kay is directing Charlotte's Web, and she offered to hold a special audition for me since I was going to be out of town.

And that's how I got involved. I'm playing Mrs. Arable. I told Katie that since I auditioned, she should. So she went on a regular audition night. And she wound up with the part of Wilbur. And she is fabulous at it.

I don't have a huge amount of lines, but I have enough to enjoy being onstage. I am not offended by Kay's typecasting me as the mother part, they didn't have too many motherly types to choose from for Mrs. Arable. Kay said originally they were going to cast Katie as Charlotte, but "her bubbliness started to come out during the casting process" and she was much better suited as Wilbur.  Katie and I didn't care what parts we got, we just wanted to participate.

The play closes this Saturday night. It's been fun getting to know other actors and being a part of a group. I might try out for other PLP productions (and not wait 8 years like I did between Sound of Music--nun--and Charlotte's Web).

Building the set. The barn is a nice piece of work

most rehearsals were at a local church

I did the lettering. Katie and Jim helped me paint it.

Mirror magic

from off stage

Lurvy sees "Some Pig" in the web

Christian helps me get NOT in character before the play starts

Wilbur gets pinked cheeks

From offstage. We stand behind the scenes and watch, especially when "Uncle" is on stage.

Charlotte and Wilbur rehearse lines


Karie said…
Man, that looks like fun.