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Rifftrax  MST3k

These are important to me. I quote MST3k almost as much as I make up my own sentences. Someday I hope to cosplay Pearl, and to see every ep of MST3k. I've seen most of them (and I own many of the official DVDs).

Last Tuesday Rifftrax put on an MST3K reunion and WE HAD TO GO. Jim got to see Sir Paul, so I had to see Joel, Mike, Kevin, Trace, Bill, Mary Jo, Frank, Bridget, and the newbie Jonah.
Tickets and t-shirt

happy children with their Castleton t-shirts. Several people made Castleton remarks as we passed by, which made the evening even more fun for these two Msties.
"OK, don't smile!"

Me with a very-supportive-of-my-fandom husband.  You can't really see it, but he wore a Beatles shirt to the event. I teased that I should have worn an MST3k shirt to the McCartney concert. In his defense, he was wearing a Rifftrax shirt until he got sauce on it at dinner. So he had to change. 
The actual event was so much fun. Small groups riffed shorts of the educational kind and every group was great. There was not a dud in the bunch. At the end, all nine came out and riffed two shorts all together. I was in fan heaven.

My favorite riff that I can remember off the top of my head as from the Dates for Kay short. Kay is on a mission to find as many dates for her Fridee and Saturdee nights.  One of her prospects comments that he likes dogs, Kay, ever the conversationalist, replies "Do you have a dog?" The poor sap she's talking to says, "No we can't keep a dog." And whoever was riffing the short said, "We live above a Korean restaurant." Hayley thought it was particularly funny and we nearly choked ourselves with laughter.

My year is made.