Paul turns 22

He knew what his birthday present was because of the cake. He asked for Chuck DVDs and I couldn't help myself decorating the cake with reference to the show, which we all LOVED.

Love fondant for decorating (for eating, not so much). The H22BD stands for Happy 22nd birthday, in case you were to lazy to think about it. The freehanded letters and circles look better from a distance, but even close up, they taste good.

What Chuck does when he sees something that has a file in the Intersect.

The code word for "clear out, a disaster is imminent" at the Buy More

The organizations responsible for the Intersect

The Intersect
It was a tasty cake. But then cake is always tasty, unless it's carrot cake, which is a MUFFIN, and we don't eat MUFFINS on special occasions, do we? We eat CAKE.

Anyway, Paul is 22, which is a long way from how old he was when I started this blog. A picture of Paul at the beginning of the blog can be found here back in 2008, which was 8 years ago, so Paul was 14.


Dennis said…
I'm glad you explained the references on the cake. When I first saw the cake on fb I wondered what it all meant b ut I knew that you knew and also Paul would know.