Paul in a tux

Despite the classic Paul almost-smile, Paul is NOT happy in this picture. Can you guess why? Yes, it's the tux. But also, Jimmy was behind me when I took the picture, and he was making faces at Paul. And why is Paul wearing such formal attire, you ask? Because he is a member of the Prior Lake Middle School Honor Band, and as such, must dress the part. They had a concert tonight with an adult band of high caliber--the Bloomington Medalist Band--and Paul's Honor Band directors thought it would be fitting to wear a band "uniform." The kids may have hated wearing this outfit, but they sure looked good. And they played as great as they looked. I should have taken a picture of Paul with his French Horn, but we were running a bit late as it was and Jimmy was slowing us up by laughing at Paul. I told Paul in the car that Jimmy has worn a tux before so he has no right to make fun. I also had to remind Paul that he was sorely jealous of Jimmy when Jimmy got to wear a tux (brother Mike and Jenny's wedding). Paul replied, "But now that I'm more mature, I don't want to wear one anymore." Har.

As I said, the concert was excellent, if a tad long. Jim couldn't go because he had to go to church with Jimmy, Matt, and Hayley. Katie had her Children's Lit class, so I went by myself to the concert. Tomorrow night, Katie, Paul and Hayley all have a band concert. Luckily, all three bands will play at the same concert so I don't have to miss hearing two of them play. But all this concert activity is making me tired! So much to do! I'm sure we all have the same problem and it won't get any better until the last child is out of the house (9 years!). Can I make it? We shall see. I hope so; I would hate to live my last remaining years running around to various activities without getting to the point in my life where I can sit around and knit illusion-style scarves (Jake, you might have to wait until then).