This is why we have a Dome stadium. Snow and baseball do not mix.

Can it please be spring soon? I fear that winter is playing her little April Fool's joke a day early by dumping 5+ inches of snow on us. My poor daffodils don't know what to think--their tips are already visible (or they were visible yesterday, and would be today if not for the SNOW) but they look so bedraggled having been squished and frozen by late snowstorms this year. I hope the daffodils don't give up; I would hate to miss out on having flowers in the yard.

And despite the snow, Jimmy still has baseball practice. But it is indoor practice, which irks him. We are all crazy for playing outside in warm weather, but alas, warm weather eludes us. Tomorrow, the high school team will make its first cuts, and while I think Jimmy is a good baseball player, I try not to be very hopeful that he will remain on the team. If he doesn't make the team, at least there is community baseball (P.L.A.Y.) and everyone plays in community baseball. Besides, playing with PLAY is more fun for Jimmy--the season is longer and later in the year than school ball so the weather is much improved over the school season. This will be his last year of P.L.A.Y., though' once you've started 11th grade, either you play Legion ball or you get a job. We are hoping he will get a job even this summer--he needs something to do. And I'm also hinting around to him about starting on his Eagle project. He knows what he wants to do, in fact, he did it all last year, but, because of the refusal of the district person to get back to Jimmy in a timely manner, Jimmy was unable to get his Eagle Scout rank for his efforts. Anyway, allowing for more time this year should do the trick.