Picture dump

It's snowing again. Last night, in order to barbecue hamburgers for Hayley's birthday dinner, Jim had to shovel 10 inches of snow off the deck. And yes, we barbecued outside despite it being still firmly winter here. No picture of it this time.

But I do have a picture of Hayley's cake. She wanted bunnies and chocolate eggs on it, so what easier way to do bunnies than to get some Bunny Peeps. And chocolate eggs were easy to come by as well, although it meant fighting through half the population of Savage who had all congregated in the Easter candy aisle at Target.
Hayley is showing off her new Mp3 player and her new watch. Now she can join Jimmy and Paul as music zombies, unable to hear me call their names, dead to the world, living only in a world with surround-sound bass pumping through their heads and screeching vocal solos knocking their eyeballs out of their sockets.

And here is Jim who hasn't had his picture posted on my blog castle walls, except on the sidebar. I don't know if he would appreciate having his picture up here, so don't tell him! Right now, he's out at the P.L.A.Y. baseball shed with two other guys, cleaning it out. I don't envy him having to spend time in a chilly shed this morning. But he does it so that all three boys can play baseball this summer. We get quite a rebate because Jim is the PLAY inhouse baseball equipment manager. What a great guy!


froggybaby said…
Hail Jim!!

I LOVE Hayley's cake. Tis so cute. Hope you had a grand evening of it all.