Hayley's Birthday Eve

I've posted three successive posts that feature Katie, while the other kids have been neglected. So today and tomorrow I'm dedicating to Hayley, who won't let me use any of her nicknames on this blog. She is poking me now even as I type the suggestion that she might actually be known by names other than Hayley. Can you hear her wail, "Mo-o-o-o-o-o-om!"? Then you might hear a large sigh followed by stomping up the stairs.

Here is a picture of Hayley on the last day of being 10 years old:

She is wearing one my most favorite sewing creations. I sewed that robe for her for Christmas and I just love it. (I may not be focusing on Katie, but the sewing theme carried over!) It's a flannel-backed silky fabric, so it's pretty and cozy all at once! But my favorite part of the robe is the ruffly sleeve.

After breakfast (see above picture of Hayley getting ready to pour a hard-to-find cereal that is a favorite for four out of five Evans children--Katie doesn't LIKE cereal), I attended parent/teacher conferences for Hayley and Matt. It's the same thing year after year: they are good students, teachers love them, yada yada yada, but Matt needs to work on raising his hand when he has something to say and he doesn't need to talk ALL the time, and Hayley needs to make sure she remembers to bring her homework and turn it in. Nothing new and nothing unexpected. This is Hayley's last year of elementary school; next year she will be attending the middle school.

Hayley, enjoy your last day of being 10! Tomorrow the birthday monster comes and eats up your 10-year-old self and regurgitates the 11-year-old you. Beware!


Dennis said…
Hayley's card and $ will be a few days late. I'm sorry.
That just means her birthday is extended by a few days. She doesn't mind.
froggybaby said…
Oh, the sweet little Haydle-dee. Can I use nicknames? Hale-bop? Llama girl? Doris, Chloe, Manny-Moe, Jack? I haven't even sent a card. How about instead, she come visit for a few weeks in June and July?