Picture-intensive post--Warning! Behind ahead!

Jake hosted a family party for Mom's 66th birthday. He forgot to tell Mom that we were coming and Dave and Marissa were coming, so it turned into somewhat of a surprise party for her. Jake barbecued despite the SNOW (will winter never end???). I brought fruit salad and cornbread.

So on to the pictures:
L to R: Hayley, Matt, and Dylan (Jake's son). In back, Maya, Dylan's sister. The three up front played Pokemon all evening. We didn't see or hear much from them because they were having too much fun in Dylan's room.

L to R: Marissa (Dave's wife) and Jake. Kids in front and Stephanie (Jake's wife) in the green shirt on the side of the picture. Sadly, that's the only picture of Steph that I got during the whole evening. So if you don't know what Steph looks like, I'm sorry but all I can offer is a side view of her. She has a very nice profile.

I tried to take a nice picture of my two older boys but Jake had to be a total goober head and stick his hand in the picture just as I pressed the button.

Kayla, Steph's daughter. She's in 9th grade. Very nice smile, Kayla!

The birthday girl!

The upcoming birthday boy--Owen (Dave's boy) turns one on Thursday. Owie LOVES having his picture taken. He recognizes cameras and knows that when one is pointed at him he is supposed to smile.
Owie also loves food. He kept lunging at Grandma's cake, so she shared with him.

Warning: Dimply rear end ahead!

And because Owie loves food, he has a sizable tushie.

Dave wants you all to know that he grew up and is doing very well for himself these days.


Jen said…
It looks like y'all had loads o' fun. That Dave is a handsome fella. Owie's bum is something to be reckoned with.