Night of the Band Geek Zombies

OK, that would make a great B-movie horror flick title, wouldn't it?

Last night was the all-district band concert. I had three performers in three out of the four bands featured. Much as I would like to post a video clip of Katie's solo during one of the Wind Ensemble songs, I can't. I tried, but I can't. The file is too big to post directly onto the blog, and I can't seem to get Google Video to "authenticate" it, whatever that means.

ANYWAY, picture files and a wordy description from me will have to suffice.

This is Hayley front and center in the District 719 All Fifth Grade band. Usually each school has their own band concerts, but for All-District, the five schools pooled their musicians together for a truly awesome 140+ member band. One of their songs, "Along Came a Spider," featured the band's prowess at stomping on the ground while playing spooky spidery music. They even got in a screech near the end of the song as well.

Here is Paul smiling only with his mouth. His eyes want to shoot high-powered lasers of death at me for daring to take a picture. His friend Mr. Dunbar (to the right of Paul and forgive me if I can't remember his first name, but I know it starts with a C) doesn't mind having his picture taken though. Paul is the only French horn player in 8th grade.

And here we have the Wind Ensemble seniors being slightly goofy on Hey-We're-Almost-Done-With-High-School gas. In case you couldn't find her, Katie is in the front row on the right end. This is probably her second to last concert in high school. Next year, we will not know what to do with all the free evenings that we used to spend at some performance of Katie's, whether band, speech, theater or flute solo. Poor us! (smiley)

All the bands did pretty well, until the last song when all four bands (some 300 students) had to play "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" all together. It kind of fell apart--the younger half of the band got a little ahead and they had to start over. But the directors laughed it off and tried again. It worked ok. Some of the kids couldn't see the directors because either the directors were too short (is it some requirement that a band director has to be under 5' 6" tall?) or the kids were standing behind other kids and couldn't see. Anyway, it was a fun concert. Wish I could have posted that video clip.


Jen said…
How great that so many of your kid are musical. And even better when they have the same event on the same night. Covers many bases:)